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Best Braids of 2012

We couldn't be loving the braid trend any more that is happening this summer.  We've been posting daily on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and often feature unique braids.  Why do we love braids so much?  Well, let us show you while we explain.

Braids are Great for Formal Updo's

No longer are the days where braids can only be worn by schoolgirls.  Briads are showing up in formal updo's for weddings and special events as well as on the red carpet.  Here is a beautiful sampling of formal braided updo's we love.

Messy Updo Braids

Braids Are Great for Second-Day Hair

So you've blow-dried your hair on Day One after washing, and now you've woken up with flat, limp hair.  Now what?  We suggest a braid to spice up your Second-Day hairstyle.

Second day hair braids

Braids Can Work for Professionals

Making the trek to the office can be tough enough in the morning.  Want a quick way to keep your hairstyle interesting, but not too informal?  Try one of these braids!

Braids for Professional women

And here is a tutorial from The Small Things Blog on how to get an easy, braided pony.

Braids Can Be Messy And Informal

Need a simple yet stylish look for the beach?  Or need a quick way to throw back your fringe without worrying its going to make its way into your face during a workout? Try some of these informal and made-to-be-messy braids.

messy braids

Yes, Braids are Still Awesome on Little Girls

Is your little one heading back to school shortly?  Make those first-day-of-school shots special with these great braid styles for little girls!

Braids for Little Girls

Do you have a favorite, go-to braid?  Share it with us on our Facebook or Twitter page!

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