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Best Celeb Undercut Styles

Shaving your head might not sound appealing to most women, but within the last year the buzzing of tresses has led to one of the most raging punk styles of the millennium. Best known as the "undercut," women (or men) have their stylists shave the side/underside of hair making it unusually shorter than the rest of their hair.

We pinpointed some of the best celebrity undercut styles, making it easy for you to show your stylist just what you're looking for.

Rihanna // The Pixie Length Undercutrihanna Best Celeb Undercut Styles

What's the secret behind Rihanna's super sexy undercut? I would bet money she uses a Styling Clay. Formula's like these add volume, body and texture to styles while molding your hair into the perfect shape. By not using some form of product, this particular undercut is going to look more like a mop on your head than it will sexy, so be sure to pick some up immediately after you get your locks snipped!

Ellie Goulding // The Girly UndercutElle goulding Best Celeb Undercut Styles

 ellie goulding Best Celeb Undercut Styles

Why love this look? Ellie's look is perfect for the woman who wants to transition slowly into the world of buzzed heads. It doesn't involve any serious shaping like Rihanna's would, making it very easy to maintain. Plus, it looks amazing when you add a bit of color. If you decide on this style, add a bit of grunge texture similar to Ellie's by using a Wax.

Willow Smith // The Faux-Hawk Undercutwillow smith Best Celeb Undercut Styles

How does Willow make her Faux-Hawk Undercut? Well, Willow's natural hair texture makes this pretty easy. A bit of teasing and her hair is standing on its own. BUT, there is good news! Matte powder products are literally a God-send. Dust it adds major volume to hair (I mean major) and you don't even have to tease. Talk to your stylist about giving you a quick tutorial on how to use this product in creating the faux-hawk.

The Faux Undercut // Braids 

For those of you who are still not convinced that you can pull of the undercut, fear not. One of my favorite celebrity looks is the "Faux Undercut" which involves braiding hair so tightly that is appears to be shaved. This might be more practical for those women who work in a strict office setting but like to bring out their wild side when out on the town.kesha Best Celeb Undercut Stylesscarlett johansson Best Celeb Undercut Styles

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