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The Celebrity Blonde Craze

It's no secret that blonde is back and bolder than ever lately. With fall right around the corner, a few big name celebs are seemingly pulling a "fall hair color in reverse" trend and opting for lighter hues. The latest to jump on the blonde bandwagon is Kim Kardashian!

Kim uploaded this picture of her freshly dyed locks on Instagram this past weekend. However, this certainly isn't the first time she has brightened things up. Kim went blonde(r) back in 2009, and sported a platinum blonde wig on this past season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

kim kardashian blonde hair

Jessica Alba also went blonde this past weekend for her upcoming recurring role of Nancy Callahan in Sin City 2. For more details, check out our "Jessica Alba: Hit or Miss?" post!

Jessica Alba blonde hair

August was a big month for Miley Cyrus. Within weeks, her hair gradually got shorter, and PLATINUM BLONDE. According to your feedback, it was a big hit! But we won't get into the buzz cut. (She's just being Miley.) For more on Miley's hair, check out her hair evolution!

miley cyrus blonde hair

Earlier this year, the queen of bold and ever-changing hairstyles - Rihanna, brightened up her locks drastically for a fun, summer-y look!

rihanna blonde hair

Katy Perry went back to her blonde roots this year! Of course she wouldn't be Katy Perry without throwing some color into it, but we will take this fun look over the 'Smurf Blue' any day! (Look at how perfectly this color blends with her skin tone?! Gorgeous!)

katy perry blonde hair

When it comes to hair color in 2012, blonde hair ranks among the trendiest on our scale. Whether platinum, caramel, golden, strawberry, or dashes of pink, blonde hair is sticking to its reputation of being "more fun".

For the love of hair,


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