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Blonde to Brunette: One Blogger's Journey

I've been blonde a majority of my life. My college years were pretty much an experiment with the color - ranging from strawberry, golden, to champagne. It's clear to assume that blonde has always been my color of choice.

blonde to brunette

Until this past fall. Desperate for a change from a stagnant shade of blonde, I got my inspiration for a drastic change from my post on The Best Fall Shades For Your Skin Tone. I saw Sophia Bush's shiny, auburn mane and gushed over it. I was sold - so much that I book an appointment with my stylist the very next day.

auburn hair

After showing my stylist my inspiration, the transformation began. While my color was processing, I got a glimpse of myself in a mirror across the room. I PANICKED. It looked like I had a black cap on my head. "Oh my gosh, what did I just do?!" "I'm going to hate this...I know it." "WEDNESDAY.ADDAMS." That was before I realized that I wasn't giving my stylist enough credit, because once the chair turned around - my mouth was to the floor. The color was stunning. Deep brown in one light, and shimmery mahogany undertones in another. At that point I had never been so in love with a hair color on myself.

blonde to brunette

I had tried the brown thing before, never feeling brave enough to go this dark. None of the shades of brown I tried had looked anything close to great and completely clashed with skin tone - making me look washed out. I was shocked how much my new color complimented everything the other colors didn't.

I have been rocking this color for 5 months now. It was all the change I needed after years of blonde. Although I have to admit, I am beyond anxious to get back to my roots with warmer weather approaching, I am now a converted advocate of going dark in the fall. Blondes have more fun? FALSE. I've had a BLAST as a brunette!


Are you dabbling with the idea of drastically switching up your 'do? My advice is to go for it. Hair is one of our most prized possessions as women, so the thought of making any changes to a perfected craft can be daunting. But a good change may be just what the doctor (er, stylist) ordered. Love it or hate it, it's not permanent - so have fun and be confident!


For the love of hair and a good change,


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