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Blonde to Brunette And Back Again: A Hair Color Journey

Me again! The long-time blonde turned temporary brunette lover. And I say temporary not because I didn't love it, but because I was itching to get back to my roots.

Last fall I made one heck of a decision to dye my blonde hair a Sophia Bush-inspired deep auburn with mahogany undertones. I was terrified at the thought of such a huge change, but ended up LOVING IT. I didn't think I could pull dark off until I found the perfect shade for my skin tone.

dying blonde hair brown 6 months earlier and lots of auburn.

After a long, brutal winter the thought of spring was ranking high on my mind - including getting my sunny locks back. So I booked an appointment with my stylist to get back on the fast track to blonde.

My miracle-worker of a stylist, Laura Piercefield warned me that this wasn't going to be "one and done" kind of visit. In an effort to not fry my hair, she suggested 3 visits to gradually and safely get back to the color I wanted. I'm currently on round 2 of my journey back to blonde. There is still quite a bit of red in my hair, but I am shocked at all of the compliments I'm getting on the different colors!

blonde braids Step 2 in the journey back to blonde. And rocking some pretty killer braids!


Final verdict? Switching up my look was a necessary and welcome change after years of blonde. However, I only lasted 6 months before realizing how much I missed it. The change was worth it, but if you are planning on drastically switching up your hair color, be prepared for a long and expensive process to get back to where you started!

It is also important to note that switching up your hair color requires some TLC on your part. Using a shampoo and conditioner designed for color-treated hair is a MUST to prevent fading and to nourish your strands. I am a big fan of Brocato's Vibracolor Fade Prevent Shampoo + Conditioner.

color treated hair

This product was a lifesaver to my strands during my brunette days and not only delayed the fading, but also made my hair feel lush and healthy in the process.

Are you thinking about switching up your color? Our blogger, Megan just went brunette for the warm weather! We'd love to hear how YOU switch it up!

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