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Braid Updo Tutorial for Short Hair

Got short to medium-length hair and don't think you can swing an updo? Think again, girlfriend. Follow this braid updo tutorial for short hair for the look you've been waiting for.


braided updo tutorial for short hair

1. Take a small piece of hair from the front right side of your head.

2. Start a Dutch (or inside out) braid diagonal toward the left side of your neck.

3. Once you reach the left side of your neck, tie the braid off with a clear elastic.

4. Use a teasing comb or brush to tease up the pony to give it more volume and texture.

5. Roll the teased pony into a bun shape.

6. Pin the bun against your head with bobby pins and/or spin pins. Hairspray that baby (try Sebastian Shaper Plus for awesome hold), and voila!

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