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Can Your Hair & Make-Up Ruin Your Career?

I believe all people have the freedom to express their unique personality through their hair and fashion. However, when you add work into the mix- it becomes a slightly different conversation.

Your appearance makes a huge difference in how you are perceived and even treated around the office. So, can your hair and make-up ruin your career? The short answer is yes. The long answer is it depends.

Can Your Hair & Make-Up Ruin Your Career?Let’s review some details…and feel free to challenge me if you disagree. Before I dive deeper, it’s important to understand that each profession has different expectations for how you should dress, style your hair, wear on make-up, and even paint your nails. Someone who works at Hot Topic certainly has more creative expression than say, a nurse or school teacher. For the purpose of today, let’s focus on an office job.

Too Much Make-Up

Can Your Hair & Make-Up Ruin Your Career?Sorry Christina, I loved you on The Voice, but you look better with less make-up.

Applying too much make-up (especially if you are using wrong shade of concealer) can make you look older- a lot older. Some people even think applying piling on thick eye liner, bright colors, and dark bronzer makes you look fake.

Even though we both know you aren’t fake (or five years older than you really are), it’s important to find that delicate balance of wearing make-up that allows you to feel beautiful and natural. Avoid glitter, fake eyelashes, and crazy colors. Opt for neutral shades and toned-down colors. The one bold color exception? Red lipstick, a power lip shade that can make you feel more confident and vibrant).

Wild Hair

I’ll admit it- I’m a little boring when it comes to spicing up my hair routine at the office. You’ll never find me rocking a halo braid or faux bob. Both styles are office appropriate in my opinion, but I’m better at writing about hair than actually styling my hair. Anyway, there are certainly a hair styles you should never wear to work.

Like this.

Can Your Hair & Make-Up Ruin Your Career?

Or this.

 Can Your Hair & Make-Up Ruin Your Career?

And you definitely shouldn’t wear a beehive so high that it won’t even fit in the picture all the way.

Can Your Hair & Make-Up Ruin Your Career?


Outrageous Nails

Fine- you caught me. I’m a nail biter (mainly when I am stressed out). But nail biting can be seen as a sign of weakness!  Have fun with nail colors, but keep length in mind. You don't want your nails to be too long or too short. Treat your nails like your teeth- keep them polished and trimmed.

Colored Hair

Can Your Hair & Make-Up Ruin Your Career?A sprinkle of color- or as my stylist refers to it as “peak-a-boo highlights” isn’t a big deal. In fact, one of my best friends has blonde hair and put purple highlights in her hair. It looks adorable!

But when you start going all Nicki Minaj on everyone, you might turn some heads (in a bad kind of way).

And I think it goes without saying that you shouldn’t show up with Kate Perry blue hair at the office- unless it’s Halloween or Dress Like a Celebrity Day.

And the biggest lesson of all? Have good hygiene! Your boss and co-workers will have a hard time taking you (and your future) seriously if you show up with greasy hair, pit-stains, and bad breath. Skip the wild make-up and hair, and don’t be known as the girl who always bites her nails during work meetings.

So, do you think your appearance impacts your perception at the office?

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