Cancer Survivor Challenge - Global Beauty Masters Episode II

Cancer Survivor Challenge 


In last night’s episode of Global Beauty Masters we saw contestants compete in a very touching competition that dealt with helping those that have battled cancer. Contestants put their skills to work and made their models feel beautiful.

Cancer Survivors

When it comes to styling when a person is going through a battle like cancer, there are certain things that everyone should know. Our expert stylist, Lindsay Quaglia, notes some major items to keep in mind that will help:

  • Look for human hair not synthetic
  • Don’t get a wig that’s too shiny
  • Make sure the wig has a part
  • It’s all about making the person who’s wearing it comfortable

Insurance usually will usually not cover the cost of an expensive wig - if insurance does cover it, most likely it’s going to be a cheaper version.

Caring for your wig:

  • No shine products – less products all together, no oils – use a cream based products for finishing.
  • Sulfate-fee shampoo
  • Do not wash often – use a dry shampoo instead
  • Wig needs to be taken to stylist to have cut professionally to fit

Eyebrows & Lashes:

  • Eyebrow products
  • Ardell – very natural product
  • Clean & Easy kit


  • Varies from patient to patient. Skin tones change due to medications.