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3 Tips for Changing Your Hair Color With The Seasons

As your wardrobe changes, does your hair color change too? Personally, I love using the changing seasons as inspiration to change my hair color. In fact, I believe switching up your hair color based on the season makes you look more fashionable and gives you more vibrant glow overall. I mean really, who doesn't love a good seasonal makeover?

With Winter winding down and Spring on the horizon, I’m already browsing Loxa Beauty’s Pinterest page for inspiration.  So, let’s review a few tips for changing your hair color with the seasons.


3 Tips for Changing Your Hair Color With The Seasons jessica albaSnow slowly starts melting and runners like me get excited about ditching the treadmill for warmer morning runs.

What does this mean? Spring is near!

The best advice for spring hair color is to brighten up and keep your hair color light.

Brunettes like me can experiment with bronze or a soft honey color like Jessica Alba. Darker brunettes can add medium brown highlights with colors like caramel or bronze.

Red heads can switch to hues of the bold, copper variety because they produce a light and warmer tone.

And natural blondes should embrace the season and go even lighter and brighter than usual. In fact, platinum blonde is making a comeback for 2013!


3 Tips for Changing Your Hair Color With The Seasons emma stonePool parties, vacations, and baseball games fill up most of our summer days and nights.

For most people, tanned skin in the summer looks better with lighter hair.

In the summer months, consider adding sun-kissed tips, go with an ombre blonde or other golden hues.

If you’re nervous to color your hair to a completely different shade, ask your stylist about using subtle highlights or brassy roots to mix up your look this summer.

I love that Emma Stone, who looks fabulous as a red head, is daring enough to go blonde for the summer months.


3 Tips for Changing Your Hair Color With The Seasons scarlett johanssonSchool is back in session, football is starting up, and the only thing on my mind is a pumpkin spice latte!

Fall is my absolute favorite season. Not only do I get to enjoy all things pumpkin, but I visit my stylist for my hair color of the season: cherry cola!

Fall is the perfect time of year for woman to experiment with rich, darker shades. The two most popular colors for Fall are red and copper.

Scarlett Johansson embraced Fall by switching her blonde locks to a flirty red color. Personally, I think she rocks this color. Her confidence and smile makes her a beauty no matter what hair color she picks. Check out fall hair colors for your skin tone here.


3 Tips for Changing Your Hair Color With The Seasons cameron diazWinter tends to inspire woman to go to the dark side. This past winter, I went with a bold coffee hair color and I loved it.

I’m a firm believer (and so is my stylist) that few people can pull off black hair. So be careful as you transition to darker colors so you don’t “wash out” your complexion.

Recognize this beauty on the right? That's Cameron Diaz! She is notorious for her blonde hair and bubbly personality, but she definitely sports this dark hair well.

I do prefer Cameron as a blonde, but I'm happy to see her experiment with something so different than her "normal" hair color.

Before making the switch to a new color (no matter the season), remember to consider your skin type and fashion preferences –the hottest trends and vibrant hair colors will only work well if they are matched properly.

Ready to make to embrace seasonal makeovers? Here are three tips inspired by Jessica, Emma, Scarlett, and Cameron:

1) Be bold.

2) Embrace change.

3) Take risks.

Remember, no hair color is 100% permanent. If you hate your new color, you can always change it back to your natural color or experiment with a different shade.

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