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Cold Weather, Hot Hair Color: Joico's Favorite Cold Weather Colors

Cold Weather, Hot Hair Color: Joico's Favorite Cold Weather Colors

Fall is in full swing and the leaves aren’t the only colors changing! The sun-kissed shades of summer are darkening down to rich, vibrant hues reminiscent of the autumn season - or are they?

Joico super-stylist and master colorist, George Papanikolas, ‘highlights’ the season’s hottest tint trends, and why fall of 2013 isn’t playing by the hair color rules anymore.


1. Warm & Handpainted Highlights

The temperatures may be cooling down, but hair color this season is heating up! One of the hottest trends this fall are rich, warm highlights of all shades to add a glow you don’t want burning out. However, the bigger trend lies in the technique. According to Papanikolas, “The most modern looks start with fine streaks at the root, gradually getting thicker and chunkier as they make their way down the hair shaft.” Also known as “balayage,” this handpainted approach gives stylists creative freedom and opportunity to perfect their technique. The result is a fresh, bold, and modern take on traditional highlights. If you want to jump aboard the balayage train, you want to seal that color in tight! Invest in the fabulous Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner to lock in your new hue.


2. Platinum Prowess

Wrap your head around this - summery shades of stark blonde are one of the hottest trends this season. Shades of ivory, platinum, and flaxen are usually synonymous with spring and summer hair color trends, but not this year! According to Papanikolas, designers are swooning over the striking contrast of alabaster strands paired with their dark fall and winter collections. Will you be making this high-intensity statement this fall? If so, get your hands on Joico’s Color Endure Violet Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner. This product is specifically designed to maintain those creamy shades of blonde, minus the brass (plus the class).



3. Beachy Bronze

Alright blondies, you can hang with the best of the crimsons and brunettes this fall, because this is just as much your season to shine! If Platinum isn’t your bag, warm up your sunny locks this autumn with a mixture of golden hues. Papanikolas recommends contrasting light, sun-kissed shades with warmer hues of honey or caramel for a natural and blended blonde glow. To maintain touchable amber locks, inject your strands with Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment. This ‘hair Rx’ pumps moisture and shine back into damaged hair, adding movement you can’t afford to miss out on with all of that golden dimension!


4. Sizzling Scarlet

One of the hottest shades for fall just got a little spicier! The trend? Red on red! Papanikolas suggests layering crimson tresses with complimentary highlights to add fiery depth and dimension, à la russet-haired beauty Kate Walsh. Try rich, warm tones like auburn, ginger, copper, and soft tangerine for a stunning, quintessential fall look. Papanikolas’s Bonus Tip: It will be especially striking paired with all of those jewel tones we’re seeing on the runways! Another great bonus for that ruby mane? Infusing it with Joico Super Shine Glossing Polish. This lightweight finishing polish packs the punch on shine - something you can’t pass up with a hair color this fierce!


5. Chocolate Craze

Papanikolas has us going coo-coo for cocoa! From Megan Fox to Mila Kunis, deep chocolate hues are among the richest and boldest of the fall portfolio of gorgeous hair color. If you want to kick this deep shade up a notch, Papanikolas suggests starting with a dark base and adding dimensional pops of warm brunette shades, like auburn and chestnut. “It’s a sexy, noticeable look without doing anything drastic,” he explains. To maintain the decadence, spritz your mane with Joico Smooth Cure Thermal Styling Protectant prior to your styling tool routine. This miracle product protects and acts as a shield against damage that heated tools can cause, while locking in natural luster and maintaining shine for up to 72 hours!


With all of these fun trends, there’s no denying that things will be heating up this fall. Question is, will it be on that gorgeous head of yours? Thank you to Joico’s George Papanikolas for cueing us in on all things trendy and gorgeous for the coolest season in hair and fashion.

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