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Color Melting: A Chic New Way to Color Hair

Color melting is one of the hottest hair trends this fall, especially as we move toward the colder months.  The naturalness of the way this style highlights brings color to your face and gives you that little extra glisten cold weather seems to stifle.  Not to be confused with the boldness of an ombre, color melting is a more slight and blended sort of color shift through the length of the hair.   I like to think of it as a “subtle ombre.”


color melting hair color

We can always count on SJP to be working the top styles!  Of course, never to let down, she has this trend on lock.  Sarah Jessica Parker’s color melt is absolutely beautiful!  Notice:  there aren’t any drastic changes; the color just seems to “melt” down her hair.  She also has a few highlights that hit a bit higher on her hair throughout the style, and (very importantly) framing her face.


color melting hair color

Along with SJP, Jessica Biel never disappoints!  Her gorgeous color melt is my favorite.  It is blended so well you can’t tell exactly where her color change takes place – it just gradually seems to lighten along her length.  This very natural shift brightens her face and brings out a perfect sun-kissed glow.

The best perk of a color melt? It's low maintenance! There is no need to constantly touch up roots, and when you do need touch ups, they are relatively easy to do!  Because you do have color in your hair, using a color safe shampoo and conditioner, such as AG Hair Color Savour, will help in keeping its vibrancy.  Just because it is a subtle color change doesn’t mean you want it to become dull!

With great examples like Sarah and Jessica, and low maintenance as a plus point, I decided to color melt (more specifically “chocolate melt”) my hair.  I haven’t had a drop of color touch my hair since I highlighted it once back in the sixth grade!!  So, I figured a color melt would be perfect for me because (1) it was a low-risk way for me to become comfortable with coloring my hair, (2) I can easily grow it out and chop it off if I decide I really want my natural color back, and (3) it happens to be totally trendy right now!  Here is my before and after!:

Chocolate Color MeltChocolate Color Melt

The consensus:  I absolutely love it!  A big shout out to the best stylist ever, Michelle, for doing such a great job and making my hair coloring experience a great one!

Show us your color melt or share your new fall style with us on Instagram or Twitter @loxabeauty or post it on our Facebook page!  We can't wait to see all of the new styles you guys are testing out!

For the love of naturally glowing hair,


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