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For The Stylist

Education is Key to Becoming a More Successful Stylist

I personally believe that education is an extremely important part of life. Although many people may not use their college degrees, it shows employers that you know how to learn and that you are able to be committed.

Education is equally imperative in the beauty industry, no matter what profession you choose, whether it be a hairstylist, esthetician, or makeup artist. It’s easy to get into a routine and learn the basics and then stop there. But it’s impossible to thrive and grow your business if you’re not offering anything different or new to your clients. Trends and techniques are always changing and, if you want to hang with the big shots, you have to keep up.


Here are a few ways to learn and grow:


1. If you're a salon owner, schedule education into the normal work week for all of your stylists. Start small, with 1 or 2 hours a week, until you get the feel for how you want to proceed with the layout. Then increase it to half a day a week. If you are a home stylist like I am, dedicate a couple of hours per week to find videos or tutorials online. I really love Behind the Chair’s educational videos!


2. Go to trade shows and attend education classes, like ones that are held at PSC The Space. There is more than likely going to be at least one class a month in your area (or an area nearby). Use these opportunities to network and ask educators questions directly. Prepare for the class beforehand by doing some research about the educator and brand (if you don’t know this information already) and write down questions to ask them. It will prove that you value their expertise and, who knows, it could open up an opportunity to become an educator if that’s something you want to pursue!


Class at PSC The Space in Downtown Indianapolis



3. Switch your stylists’ chairs around so that they are constantly exposed to other people’s techniques! You can learn so much by watching other people and incorporating these techniques into ones that you have already established. I have never met two hairstylists that do hair exactly the same way and whenever you are open to new ideas, you expand your ability to create beautiful looks and grow your skillset. You can never have too much knowledge!


4. Use it or lose it! Don’t just stop with learning something and thinking that just by watching it and doing it a couple of times that it will stick. Keep practicing the new techniques you’ve learned on clients (or on mannequins if it’s a technique that you haven’t found the perfect client for yet!) Talk about what you’ve learned and offer to teach it to other stylists.


5. Education shouldn’t just be about learning new techniques though, it should also be about products! Make sure that your team is fully educated on how each product that you sell works and to pass that information along to your clients. Loxa Beauty is providing a great way for stylists to connect with their guests, even when they’re away from their chair.


It doesn't matter if you're a brand new stylist or if you've been in the business for years, education is so important. Make it a priority to keep growing and stay ahead of the curve!


For the love of hair,


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