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Crazy/Beautiful: Rondeann Wood

Rondeann Wood is a talented stylist who calls the Lone Star state her home base. When she's not styling for Houston-based salon Thairapy, she's traveling as an educator for Keune, which also helps her stay on top on the latest techniques and trends. We got the scoop on her career path so far, from the beginning inspiration to her marketing practices.
When did you first discover hair was a passion? What was the pull for you to pursue it as a career?
I knew from the time I was 3 that I loved doing hair and makeup! It was a natural thing for me. I always did all my friends' hair and makeup anytime we went out or did anything.   I started doing my brother's and all his friends' hair when he was in middle school. They were all skaters and wanted those long fringe hanging with lines on the side. That's when I knew this could be the start of something big!
Tell us more about your training experience. 
When I finished school I was still very green although I knew I had the natural ability I needed to take any class I could to hone my craft. At that time I was blessed to be with Matrix and have the likes of Nicholas French and Vivienne McKinder giving us all
The trade secret's to be a great platform artist. That was it--I was bitten by the bug and I knew platform artistry and editorial work was my calling.
What was your first step once you wrapped up with school?  
Finishing school was fantastic for me because I felt now is the time. It's do or die. This is where we see who can run with the big dogs. Needless to say this road has not been easy but oh so worth it!
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What led you to Thairapy in Houston? How long have you been there?
After working in Chicago and building a solid clientele there I decided it was time to pick up and move states. I looked at many salons and landed at Thairapy Salon and spa. It had everything I wanted and was centrally located. It has been great to learn how to rebuild a clientele again. I think a lot of it rests on our morals and forget what it's like to start over. This was a very humbling experience. I have been with Thairapy for 2 and a half years. I feel you have to give everything a chance and it takes time to build a solid clientele.
You are also an educator for Keune. What has that experience been like? 
Knowing that I still wanted to be a part if education I found a company calked Keune, one of the best companies I have ever worked for to date. There are several people who play a major role I'm making this successful. One if them is Robbie Hunter, who at any time of the day or night is there for me helping me through those self doubting times. The other is our head of education, Christian Faircloth, our rock. Without him I'm not sure where I would be. He is so very busy but always makes you feel whatever you need is of the upmost importance. He is so creative and one of the best people I have ever worked with. Keune is in a huge growth spurt now, growing in leaps and bounds. Their mission statement says it all. "A lifetime of dedication to the Salon Professional." They truly care about the stylist
Rondeann Wood Crazy/Beautiful Loxa Beauty
As a stylist it's always important to work on marketing yourself and/or your salon. What tactics have you found successful to help you gain new and retain clients?
As far as marketing I take advantage of all social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and primpt as well as Hairbrained. Your work can go viral in a matter of moments. It's amazing how this has changed my business. Reviews, hoots and great photos on all sites have helped my business tremendously.
There are always new trends and techniques. How do you keep yourself current and modern?
Keeping yourself in time with the newest and latest techniques Keeps you in the know. Your clients love that you stay current. I'm out in the field educating a lot and I learn so much from others it's amazing. Everyone you meet knows something you don't. So keeping an open mind, I'm learning daily. That keeps me going and hones my craft even more.
Rondeann Wood Crazy/Beautiful Loxa Beauty
Educating clients about products is a big part of being a stylist and something we support at Loxa Beauty. Do you have any tips for stylists who are still figuring out how to work products and sales into their clients conversations?
As far as educating your clients on products, don't feel like a salesperson. You are prescribing them the correct products to take you home in a bottle.  Truly how many times do you hear, "I wish I could take you home with me!"? Well here is how. These are the products I used and will keep you looking fresh until our next visit.
Most stylists have a go-to favorite product. What's yours?
Some of my favorite products are Keune's 2phase spray great for a styling tool as well as a detangler. Our Society Hairspray I can't live without as well as our Air Foam in our So Pure ammonia free line. Brilliant gloss spray is a given with some of the best shine out there. I must say our So Pure ammonia free paraben free line is in, if not the, best in the market. With 35 shades and up to 3 levels of lift, this product line is easily becoming one of the best out there.
Rondeann Wood Crazy/Beautiful Loxa Beauty
In closing, this career is not for beauty school drop outs. This is a serious billon dollar business that needs stylists to stay up-to-date with advanced classes to give our guests the best possible styles, products and color lines out there. For me Keune covers all of that.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Rondeann! 

Our Crazy/Beautiful series reflects the crazy and busy lives of stylists, but also focuses on the beauty of their creativity (hence the title Crazy/Beautiful). Why did they chose this career? What keeps them here? What has the journey been like? And what's next for them. Read our other Crazy/Beautiful interviews here.

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