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Create the Perfect Faux Glow at Home with Hempz

Create the Perfect Faux Glow at Home with Hempz

Depending on where you’re located, you might not always have perfect, warm, sunny days for tanning outside.  Keep your skin safe while still getting a beautiful bronzed glow at home this summer! Create the perfect faux glow at home with these four tips:

1. Exfoliate first. 

Using a product with natural ingredients that’s infused with an exfoliating blend (like Hempz Original Sugar Body Scrub) will help smooth out your skin before applying any sunless tanning product. A gentle exfoliate will help condition and moisturize your skin, as well.

2. Keep it even.

There’s nothing worse than a splotchy spray tan! Use a misting self-tanner that’s light in texture to keep the color even all over the skin like Hempz Instant Body Bronzing Mist. Unlike a lot of tanning products, this mist dries within five minutes, so it’s perfect for when you’re on the go!

3. Avoid the face.

Your face needs a different type of skincare product than your body. Use something like Hempz Facial Bronzing Lotion to prevent  oily skin or breakouts, and keep your skin looking evenly bronzed. This gradual bronzer formulated for your face is perfect to achieve an overall flawless look.

4. Moisturize between bronzing.

Healthy skin holds bronzing longer. Between applications of sunless tanners, keep your skin moisturized with Hempz Triple Moisture Herbal Whipped Body Creme. Be careful not to apply moisturizer just after using a self-tanning product, though, or you might cause your bronzer to streak (which would not be pretty).


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