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4 Creative Ways To Wear Your Hair Down

Unless you have the time to invest in curling your hair, wearing your hair down and straight can seem like a safe and boring option. Not anymore! Spice up straight hair with these quick and easy tips.

1. Accessorize

2013 hair accessories

This may seem like a no-brainer, but adding accessories to your locks can take the statement out of the necklace, and add it to your roots! Ballenciaga sent their Spring 2013 models down the runway with gold metallic headbands worn around the back of the head for a modern twist on a classic style. More popular accessory trends this year include head scarves, bandanas, turbans, and ornate baubles. Stay tuned to our the LAYER blog for more details on these trends!


2. Swept to the Side

jessica alba 4 Creative Ways To Wear Your Hair Down

As seen on the red carpet for the Golden Globes, the vintage and elegant side-swept style is ravaging Hollywood's most gorgeous heads! This timeless trend can liven up straight locks by adding an asymmetrical look that can be worn with or without curls for a funky or romantic style.


3. Mini-Braids

ciara Creative Ways To Wear Your Hair Down

A personal favorite of mine! Braiding small sections of your hair can add the perfect amount of texture to straight strands. To take this style to the next level, try adding "peekaboo braids" underneath your hair for a texturized surprise! Take notes from Ciara, who is rocking a trendy fishtail braid underneath her gorgeous blonde ombre.


4. Pinned Strands

maria menounos Creative Ways To Wear Your Hair Down

For a simple and youthful spin on straight locks, just grab a few bobby pins! Take the very front pieces of hair, give them a slight twist, and pin them back on the sides of your head. To get Maria Menounos's look, create a deep side part. Take about 1-2 inches of the front strands and twist back. While twisting, 'poof' strands upward to create slight volume and pin.


As an advocate of wearing my pin-straight hair down, I am constantly looking for new ways to add hints of style and character. As a person who doesn't like to spend a ton of time styling my hair - while still making it look great, these tips are on the top of my routine list and will make down and straight styles seem interesting rather than drab. What are you waiting for? Wake up those strands with punches of character and feel more confident about stylishly wearing your hair down!


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