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Cross Promoting in Salons: How You Can Improve

Cross promoting in salons can help build client awareness, introduce new services, and bring in more money. But where do you start when it comes to putting together a promo package? Stylist Mary Landwer shares her ideas.

Checking in with your team: Getting everyone on the same page is a great place to start. Have monthly meetings that stylists, nail technicians, and estheticians all attend. "These meetings need to consist of going over numbers for the salon, having product seminars, and making sure that each person fully understands the services that each position offers and what products they use," Landwer says.

Mix it up! No one wants to feel like they're stuck in a boring class. Get your team involved by creating fun games and quizzes (with prizes!) to help them remember what they're learning.  A "trade services day" is a great way for everyone to experience firsthand what each service entails... and a way to treat your staff! "Once everyone is educated and they have personal experience, it will set a good foundation for cross-promoting."

Put it all out there: Create signage promoting current specials and put it where you know the client will see it (at the front desk as they check in, on a tri-fold near the restroom sink, and so forth). Hire a freelance graphic designer or simply use a shabby chic chalkboard as a showcase. "Making 'conversation' cards to put on mirrors that highlight different services really helps put it in front of the client’s face," Landwer suggests.

You can update your salon specials on your Loxa Beauty profile so clients and potential clients can see them easily. Want to feature a flash promotion? Facebook and Twitter are both great outlets for those "today only!" specials. With as frequently as we check social media these days, your clients will definitely spot the deal.

Let's make a deal!: "I think most often the biggest issue is clients not being able to afford extra services," Landwer explains. One good incentive is to have monthly specials that automatically cross-promote. If you get a cut and color, offer a client $10 off on a mani or spa service. Or throw in a free mini facial! The bottom line: everyone wants a deal. Make it count.

In + out in a flash: Time is money. A client with a hectic schedule is more likely to schedule a post-haircut mani if she knows it's going to be a quick one. Offer express and mini versions of your popular services. A mini facial is the perfect example. These quick, mini services might also interest someone who is skeptical about trying a certain service. If it's less expensive than the full version, they'd be more likely to give it a shot.

Easy Add-ons: Create promotions using common sense. Someone coming in for a cut and highlight probably won't go for the massage on the same day. But someone coming in for a blowout would likely opt for the extra deep conditioning treatment since she'll already be at the sink anyway. Making it more convenient for the client means making better sales for the salon.

Woot woot! A successful salon promotion is a reason to celebrate!

What are your tips for cross promoting? Have you had an especially successful promotions?

A big thank you to our dear friends at G Michael Salon for letting us share these incredible images of their salon and team in this post. And yes, the salon really is that beautiful in real life! 

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