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Curl Your Hair Without Heat

You’ve vowed to be kinder to your hair this year. You’re taking all of the necessary steps to prevent damage, including using less heat.  So how will you achieve your favorite curly looks without breaking out the hot tools?  Use these 4 styling methods to curl your hair without heat and you won’t even miss your curling iron.

Marilyn Monroe got her bombshell tresses using the pin curl technique

Pin Curls: The tried and true pin curl is responsible for many a flawless hair moment.  Some of our favorite Hollywood hair icons, including Marilyn Monroe, got gorgeous thanks to pin curling. The technique involves taking small sections of hair, rolling and then securing with hair clips. The result is voluminous bombshell worthy curls that can be brushed out for a soft wave effect.

Curlformers can work their magic heat free on a variety of hair types

Curlformers: YouTube is teaming with how to’s and glowing testimonials from savvy users about these lightweight spiral stylers.  It’s as easy as hooking and sliding hair through them for bouncing curls and waves. The beauty of Curlformers is that they work on just about every hair type including natural hair.

Flexi rods can be used to provide long lasting curls on many hair types

Flexirods: Flexirods are bendable tubular rollers that can provide full long lasting curls. Simply wind your ends around the flexirods and roll upwards towards the roots in a spiral motion. To secure, bend the roller so that the ends face each other.  Once the curl is set, gently unwind, brush gently for a less uniform curl (if desired) and enjoy.

Carefree curls like Corrine Bailey Rae's can be acheived with uncoiled bantu knots

Bantu Knots: Naturals craving elongated curls should definitely try bantu knots.  The basics of this method involve coiling sections of hair into compact “knots” to create curls on wet or dry hair. Get more details about how to execute this style and see the tumble of beautiful curls that emerge from bantu knots here.

Which heat free curling method would you be willing to try?

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