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Custom Nude, Elegant Almond and Glitz & Glamour--- Red Carpet Nail Trends by Nail Expert Ashley Gregory

Nail expert Ashley Gregory weighs in on the hottest trends that hit the red carpet this awards season and how you can recreate these same looks.

 Custom Nude:
The red carpet of any event is photographed from every inch, and actresses and musicians want to present a look to be envied.
M-golden-globes-mani-essie-1 Photo of Rachel McAdams via Jolene Canzosneri Brodeur instagram.


Many celeb manicurists custom-blend the ultimate nude polished nail for their clients by layering different sheer polishes to achieve the most flattering shade. I love the combination of Morgan Taylor “Simply Irresistible” and “I’m Charmed.” Layering the sheer over the more opaque shade helps to blend the colors and create a dimensional effect. This will be the most popular nail look this season, so keep your eyes on the mani cam to spot these beauties on celebs like Alicia Vikander, Rooney Mara, and Rachel McAdams.
Morgan Taylor Simply Irresistible & I'm Charmed


Elegant Almond:
 An incredibly chic and popular nail trend this awards season has been the almond shape in a deep hue.
J Lo Photo of J Lo courtesy of Tom Bachik instagram
 The almond shape works for everyone, as it elongates the finger and creates a beautiful line while wearing a show-stopping gown. Adele,Selena Gomez, and Jennifer Lopez have all worn this ladylike shape this season. Topped off with an oxblood polish like CND Vinylux in “Bloodline,” this shape and color combination is a dramatic instant classic.
CND 106 Bloodline
Glitz & Glamour:
 When walking the red carpet in the latest couture, sometimes nearly bare nails just won’t do the ensemble justice. 
Look for a muted metallic nail with a subtle glittered ombré on an almond or ballerina shape. I love the effect created by Morgan Taylor “No Way Rosé” with a subtle tip fade of both “Sweetest Thing” and “Fame Game” to add some sparkle without distracting from the gown or the jewelry. Ellie Goulding, and Megan Trainor are fans of this glittering nail look.
Morgan Taylor No Way Rose, Sweetest Thing & Fame Game