Cut Your Morning Styling Time in Half

Cut Your Morning Styling Time in Half

When it comes to getting ready in the morning, the last thing you want to do is add more products and more steps to styling your hair. Luckily, Indie Hair has made it super simple to manage different hair types and styles with the simplicity of only two products per style.

Try these product combos to lighten up your morning routine with Indie Hair!

Curly Hair

Combine Powder #round2 and Polish #mixitsoft to create the perfect curly hair concoction. Start with Powder on your roots to add texture, absorb any excess oil and, most importantly, add a bit of volume. Then smooth those curls and protect them from frizz with the flexible hold of Polish. Just two products and two steps, and you’re out the door!

Maxed-out volume

If you’re always chasing bigger and better, this is the mix for you. Start with Gel #mixitstrong. Spread the gel evenly over your hair and blow dry. To max out the volume, blow dry your hair upside down or use a large round brush. Once hair is dry, sprinkle Powder #round2 on your roots to add texture and va-va-voom volume. For even more height, gently tease the hair around the roots with a teasing brush or comb.

Smooth and straight 

Do you have straight hair but use a flat iron to smooth things out? Try this magical combo to skip on heated styling for a day. Work Gel #mixitstrong throughout your hair and blow dry. Use a wide tooth comb to settle hair once dry. Smooth your hair out with Polish #mixitsoft, giving you all-day style and less fly-a-ways.

Updo mega-hold

When  you need your style to last from your 8am meeting with the boss until your 7pm dinner with friends, this product mix is for you. Start with Gel #mixitstrong to ensure your hair will stay in place all day. Blow dry, then do the 'do you desire. Once your style is in place, set it up with Spray Glue #dirtyfinish. It’ll give your hair a nice matte finish and keep it looking natural all day.

Knock out your morning routine with a 1-2 punch. Not only will your hair feel better with these nourishing products - but you’ll cut your styling time in half.

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