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Delivery Day: 3 Must-Have Beauty Products

On your delivery day, you want to be as comfortable, stress-free, and happy as possible. Doctors and baby magazines alike will encourage you to back your delivery day bag at the end of month eight. When I started researching checklists for what to pack, I quickly discovered every list said the same thing…comfortable clothes, snacks for dad, activities to pass the time, clothes for the baby, an approved car seat, etc.

To my surprise, none of the lists mentioned beauty products! Now, I am not saying you should bring your entire make-up bag because… let’s face it, you’ll probably sweat most of your makeup off during labor. However, bringing along these three beauty products in your delivery day bag will make a big difference in how you look and feel after your baby is born.

BB Cream / Moisturizer


BB Cream, also known as blemish balm, was originally designed to help with aftercare for patients who had laser or cosmetic peels on their faces.

The cream combines moisturizer, primer, and SPF all in one product.

Looking to add some color to your complexion post-delivery? Good news - the tinted BB Cream also serves as a foundation!


Lip Balm

Delivery Day 3

I can think of few things more I despise more than chapped lips. Having lip balm in your delivery room will not only brighten your lips, but also relieve you from any chapped or dry lips. See some of our favorite lip balms here. 

Want to add some glam to your hospital stay? Try a tinted lip balm! Just a bit of color will make you feel beautiful and is easy to apply without a mirror handy.

Mascara (Waterproof- of course!)

Delivery Day 3

Extra lash volume can go a long way on delivery day. Even if you get the waterproof mascara, I suggest waiting until after the little one is born before you use your lash curler and apply mascara.

Before you let everyone start snapping pictures for Facebook, take a few minutes to touch up. You might feel exhausted, so ask for help. In my opinion, when you feel beautiful- you feel happier.

I would love to hear what beauty products worked (and didn’t work) for you on delivery day. Please share your stories and advice for expecting mothers below.

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