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DIY 'Do: The Snake Braid

Wow the crowd at any holiday party with this fun and easy snake braid.

snake braid tutorial

1. Take a small piece of hair from the upper left side of your head. Separate it into three pieces to start your braid.

2. Using only hair from the top portion of your head, do a Dutch (or inside-out) braid from the left side to the right side of your head.

3. Continue braiding back to the left side of your head, using only hair from the middle portion.

4. Finish the braid by zig-zagging it back to the right, incorporating the rest of your hair. Tie the braid off with an elastic.

5. Smoosh together the top and middle braids, so you can't see any scalp between them.

6. Secure the braids together with a bobby pin.

7. Repeat steps 5-6 on the other gap between the top and middle braids, so they're all connected.

8. Take the end of the braid in your right hand.

9. Loop the end of the braid back around to the left, then create a small hole under the bottom braid with your left hand. Slide the end of the braid through the hole to tuck the end under the braid.

10. Pull the end through the hole, then hide it under the braid. Secure it into place with a bobby pin.

11. Pin together any remaining areas where the braid isn't connected to itself.

12. Hairspray that baby (I suggest Big Sexy Hair's Spray & Stay) and...voilà!

As a reminder, make sure you secure your braids together in the following places:

snake braid tutorial

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