Winter weather got your skin looking drab? Get your early summer glow on with this fabulous and easy, at-home papaya face scrub!




What You'll Need

-1/2 papaya

-1/4 cup of honey

-1/4 cup of granulated sugar

-Mason jar or any container 


Now since I'm all for saving money and keeping my radar on all things "au naturale", (especially when the results are as amazing as these), I figured I couldn't resist letting  you in on the love! Before we begin however, here's a little science behind the magic:


Papaya is amazing for the skin because it contains an enzyme called papain, a natural exfoliant that helps to dissolve dead skin cells. (Hint: anti-aging, anti-acne, brightening). For the best results, choose an unripe papaya, which contains more of the enzyme, papain. (Papain's natural enzymes can be tingling, so if you have sensitive skin, opt for one that is more ripe.) I also love adding honey to my face masks/scrubs because it's great for moisture.


Now that we've got the low down on the ingredients, let's begin!


Start by mashing the papaya. (You can also put it in a blender or food processor for a quicker process.)


Next, transfer the fruit to a mixing bowl and fold in the honey and sugar.


Gently apply to clean skin in a circular motion. You can leave on for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.




Perfect addition to a night in by yourself! Be sure to share the love with your friends, we could all use a good pick-me-up every now and again. While you're at it, give your hair a little extra lovin' with a nice deep conditioner like Aquage's Healing Conditioner. 



For the love of beauty,