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How-to Style a Sock Bun... Without the Sock!

I've always loved the look of a sock bun, but have never been able to wrap my head (and my hair!) around the whole putting a sock in my hair thing. Stylist Jessica Ferguson of Wild Horses Salon in Indianapolis showed me how it's done... without the sock! She took on a challenge though - sock buns are not easily created with really long hair like mine.  But of course she conquered it -that's why we love Jessica - and I had a princess bun by the time she was done! (which, by the way, was in no time at all!)


Sock Bun No Sock


But, First things first – A Jessica Pro Tip hints that using slightly dirty hair will make your job MUCH easier!  The extra texture that dirtier hair provides will help in creating the bun, and a little bit of grease will let your hair sit smooth against your head.Just washed your hair? No biggie! Add texture with dry shampoo. (I know... it sounds weird to use dry shampoo on squeaky clean locks, but it really is an amazing texturizer!)


What you will need:

-A hairband

-A brush or comb for teasing

-A plethora of bobby pins

-Aquage Freezing Spray


Now, let’s get started!

1.  Pull hair into a smooth ponytail and secure with a hairband.


2.  Lift ponytail straight up towards the ceiling and do a bit of teasing for some bonus texture.  This will help your bun to hold form.


Tease Hair Sock Bun Tutorial


3.  Begin by lifting a section in front, creating a loop, and securing it with bobby pins.  Let excess hair ends fall to one side.


Sock Bun Tutorial


4. Continue to pick up sections and create loops in a circular formation around the center of the ponytail (leaving the very bottom section for last).


Sock Bun Tutorial


5.  Pick up the bottom section and tuck excess hair ends into the hollow inside of the bun.


6.  Form the last loop, secure with a bobby pin to close off the bun, and you have just created your very own sock bun!


Sock Bun Tutorial


Another Jessica Pro Tip - Hair that is a few inches longer than shoulder length is easiest to work with for this style.  Long or short haired ladies may want to try a donut tool.  For long hair, the donut tool will help you actually get all of your hair wrapped into the bun.  For short hair, the tool will help add volume and shape to the bun!


Now you are ready to go forth and conquer the Sock Bun!  With fall quickly encroaching upon us and classes starting up again, this quick and classy style is one that you will be needing to call on! You can even dress it up for a date night or homecoming. Happy styling!


For the love of hair,

Jessica Ferguson, Rachel, and the Loxa Beauty Team


Jessica FergusonMeet Jessica:  I have been a Stylist since 2002. I absolutely love every aspect of my job. I couldn't imagine doing anything else. I have a great passion for hair and making people feel beautiful. I always strive to create an environment in which my clients are at ease to express themselves and their ideas. I am a wonderful listener, together we can come up with a Fabulous Style that can easily be replicated at home. I also believe you can never stop learning in this industry, so I attend many classes and hair shows, which allows me to cater my skills to a wide range of clientele. Stop in for a Free Consulation and a Glass of Wine. You can also contact me on my cell 317.270.7712 call or text. Also find me on Facebook. Our Website is

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