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Does My Hair Grow Faster in the Summer?

184805755The summer sun makes our skin turn darker, but does it make our hair grow longer too?

Hair growth in the summer is a myth that’s been told for years and years.

The short answer to this question / myth is no: the summer sun does not make your hair grow longer.

But don’t get too bummed out just yet.

You're still doing your hair and skin a favor by spending time in the sun. Just make sure you protect your scalp in the sun and keep sunscreen packed in your bag.

When you are exposed to the summer sun, you are getting more Vitamin D and your estrogen levels naturally increase.

Many women also let their hair go lighter for summer, either naturally or by getting highlights from their stylist. And lighter hair, especially if lightened by the sun, can give the illusion that your hair is growing faster.

In addition to more fun in the sun and more blondes at the pool, more people are eating more fresh fruits and vegetables during the summer months. Hey – we want to feel and look great in our summer bikinis and boost our energy for summer vacations and camping trips, right?

163257578Ultimately, a better diet and more sunshine may help the overall health of your hair and scalp, but the hair growth is so minimal that many trichologists are quick to bust this myth.

Even though your hair doesn't grow longer in the sun, too much sun exposure can lead to thin and damaged hair!

Check out a few of these products to help repair hair damage from the sun:
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