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Does your salon website traffic lead to business? (Guest Blogger)

Well, how do you answer that question? Do you currently track your salon's website visitors? Do you set goals for your website's engagement/traffic? If you don't set goals, how will you know if it is working? To set goals, you need to find out how many people are currently visiting your website and, what they are doing while they are on your website.


Does your salon website traffic lead to business?


Use Google Analytics for this. It is a free service offered by Google. Google Analytics allows an amazing amount of functionality. All is necessary to begin using this powerful tool is go to and either sign in or sign up for free account.

Your first step to using Google analytics is copying your analytics code to each page of your website that you want to track. I recommend putting it on every page of your website. Once you have your tracking code inserted on the pages of your website, you are ready to go.Google's tracking code is usually producing analytics for you within a day, often times much less.The first step to any online marketing campaign is setting goals for the campaign.

Now, when you login to your Google Analytics account you will see your dashboard. It includes some very helpful essential statistics such as:


-Unique Visitors

-Page Views

-Average pages viewed per visitor

-Average visit duration

-Bounce Rate

-New versus Returning Visitors

-Mobile versus Desktop



Once you have your tracking code, now you are ready to understand who is visiting your website and what pages they land on. There is all kinds of cool information that will help you understand your potential and current customers much better available to you on Google Analytics. After a few weeks of monitoring your website's traffic, you will have a decent idea what an average day is on your website. Now that you have somewhat of a baseline, you can start setting goals for improving your traffic and conversions.

When you are ready to find out what works for your internet marketing efforts, try using the URL builder. This is a great tool to track where your visitors come from. For example, let's say you are advertising on another website for traffic to your website. Using the URL builder, you can then enter the source of your campaign, the medium for your campaign (banner ad, Facebook post, email, Twitter...etc), and the name of your particular campaign. The URL builder then creates a specific URL for you to paste as the link to your website. You can then look at the campaign that you have created to see analytics about that traffic specifically. It can also help you track any QR codes that you are using. For example, we have a QR code posted on our door. I can tell you exactly how much business we are getting from that QR code because I set up a link in the URL builder to do just that.

There are a lot more features than what I have introduced to you here in Google Analytics. Here is Google Analytics support page to help you understand even more. Do yourself and your business a favor, use Google Analytics!


jeff of wip salon in downtown indyThank you to Jeff Demaree of WiP downtown Salon and the Salon Business Podcast for guest blogging for Loxa Beauty! You can read other posts by Jeff here.

Jeff Demaree has owned award winning hair salon WiP downtown with his wife Kimberly in Indianapolis for the past 11 years. He also is the host of the Salon Business Podcast, which helps hairdressers and salon owners grow their business with insightful interviews from salon industry experts.

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