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Do's and Don'ts: Using Straightening Products on Curly Hair

One of the best things about curly hair is how many ways you can style your hair!

So, when it comes to using styling products, there are a lot of different types of products you can use on curly hair, especially for straight vs. curly styles.


I love using straightening products on my curly hair to achieve different hair styles so, here are my top five Do's and Don'ts for using straightening products on curly hair:

Curly Hair with Straightening Products



- Start your styling process with a gloss or oil-based product: Using a product like an argan-oil or Kenra's Silkening Gloss that are not necessarily formulated for curly hair really help eliminate frizz and have amazing results. I love using these products in tandem with my DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel to tame down frizziness before styling.

- Use gel-based straightening products: I love using gel-based straightening products on my curly hair! To get a wavier look, I use a concentrator with these types of products.

- Finish with a heat protectant spray: Using a heat protectant spray like AG Hair Firewall not only eliminates frizziness but also protects my curly hair from heat damage. These are great to use on curly hair even before blow drying curly or straight!

AG Hair Firewall - heat styling protectant



Rely on a straightener:  When straightening your hair, it's best to use a blow dryer to eliminate even more heat damage. A straightener is great for finishing up the look but rely more on your products for achieving a super straight look!

-Try to achieve a super curly style: Straightening hair products are best used to eliminate frizz or achieve a wavy look, not a super curly look. You'll have best results just conditioning and using a diffuser than trying to use a lot of products that won't work well.

What are you favorite straightening hair care products to use with curly hair?

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