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The Do’s and Don’ts of Refrigerating Cosmetics


Just as you refrigerate food to prolong its life, you can refrigerate most of your beauty products to make them last longer and perform better. However, the benefits of refrigerating your favorite foundations or lip-plumping glosses may be too few and far-fetched. Here are some basic do’s and don’ts to follow when it comes to making the decision about refrigerating cosmetics.

DO: Refrigerate nail polish to keep it from separating 

Refrigerate your nail polish to keep the colors well-distributed throughout the  bottle. However, keep in mind that nail polish is a flammable and toxic substance. You wouldn't want to have your “ruby red” nail enamel all over your fruits and vegetables!

DON’T: Refrigerate products just to make them last longer

You may have heard that refrigerating products simply to make them last longer is a go-ahead, but the truth is, many cosmetics have not been tested to make sure that cooler temperatures are in fact better for the product then room temperature ones. However, if you are willing to do some temperature experiments on your own, by all means! Purchase two of the same product, store one in the refrigerator and the other at room temperature to see which storage method works better.  You might prefer a facial cleansing product like Sorme Nourishing Daily Cleanser to be kept in the refrigerator for a cooling effect once you apply it to your face.

DO: Refrigerate medicated cosmetics

Some medicated cosmetics like acne medicines tell you the substance absolutely must be refrigerated to maintain effectiveness and freshness. If this is the case, ask your doctor how to store the medicine or read the directions given on the container that it comes in.

DON’T: Refrigerate cosmetics and food in the same areas

If you do decide to keep your cosmetics in the refrigerator, first make sure they are in a “quarantined” area away from food. You’ll also want to make sure all your cosmetics are properly labelled and out of the reach of children.

DO: Refrigerate if you live in an extremely hot climate 

For the most part, heat can destroy your makeup, causing it to melt or change in texture. If you live somewhere where extreme heat is expected on a regular basis (80 degrees Fahrenheit and up), refrigerating your makeup might be something to consider. Flammability is another thing you'll want to watch out for in hot climates. Hand santizers like Hempz Herbal Hand Sanitizer are great on the go - but be careful, as hand sanitizers are considered flammable.

DON’T: Refrigerate your high-end fragrances

Colder temperatures will cause your fragrance to loose their potency quickly. You're much better off keeping them in a mild-temperatured area, such as in a cabinet or on a shelf. Heat can have a similar effect, so be careful that your storage area of choice doesn't get too hot.  This doesn't just go for high-end fragrances: If you love the smell of your favorite fruity skincare products (like Sorme Exfoliating Fruit Cleanser), keep them at room temperature, rather than cold.

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