4 Effects Alcohol Has on Your Hair


4 Effects Alcohol Has on Your Hair

If your holiday plans include drinking champagne and downing festive Jell-O shots, read this post about four effects alcohol has on your hair.

Dehydrates Your Hair

Your body replies on you to keep it hydrated and well-rested.  Alcohol is a diuretic, so drinking booze causes accelerated dehydration. As a result, your hair will become dehydrated, making it brittle and dry.

Increase Your Risk of Split Ends

Because alcohol dehydrates your hair and makes it dry, your hair becomes weaker. And weak hair is more prone to split ends.

Say Hello to Flat Hair

My husband always jokes that he knows when I've drank too much because my hair goes flat. My curls suddenly unwind and appear straight. My bangs get stuck to my head  in awkward (and unflattering) positions. And the headband I wore or adorable flower I placed in my hair is now missing. As Jamie Foxx once sang, "Blame it on the a a a a a a alcohol."

Hair Loss

The Colts cheerleaders proved that bald is beautiful, but heavy and regular drinking may lead to several hair (and other health related) problems. As you may know, hair has two main components: the shaft and the root. Cells grow at the root of your hair and eventually die, which triggers hair growth. Your hair, like any tissue in your body, needs proper nourishment to stay healthy and strong. However, excessive drinking can trigger a zinc deficiency in your body, which can cause hair loss.

So, can alcohol wreck your hair? Absolutely!

If you plan on tipping back the bottle this holiday, remember to drink in moderation and replenish your body with water to stay hydrated. My secret tip is drinking one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage I consume. You'll drink slower, stay more hydrated, and keep your looking beautiful longer!

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