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Why I Finally Embraced Curly Hair (Guest Blogger)

You know the scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding when Toula is eating moussaka for lunch while the rest of the girls are eating wonder bread sandwiches? Well, that’s how I felt about my curly hair growing up.

While the other girls were curling their long, silky smooth straight hair, parting it down the middle and adorning it with butterfly clips, I was trying to tame down my frizzy curls with any product I could find. I would even flatten my hair on the top of my head or put my wet hair into a ponytail, hoping it would magically become straight.

Gosh, that’s just embarrassing!

Megan Giannini - Embracing Curly Hair Pic

For the last 15 years, I had been saying to myself almost every day, “I hate my hair.” There, I admitted it, I really hated my curls. But every time I tried straightening my hair, it ended up looking horribly wavy and was one big mess.

About four months ago, my new stylist (Laura at I.d.entity Hair Design - LOVE her!) straightened my hair. It looked beautiful. Silky, smooth, with just the right touch of blonde highlights, I felt like I fit it with the girls at the lunch table.

But, I didn’t look like myself. At all.

Something changed in me that day (queue cheesy rom-com music). You really can’t be your own person without having defining characteristics, right? Well, one of mine is curly hair. Yes, some days it’s frizzy, very voluminous, but I have finally embraced my curly locks. While emotionally challenging at times, this new attitude I have toward my curly hair has made me a happier person in life. No one wants to be like every girl other at the lunch table anyway.

Reality is, you can only change yourself so much. So why not embrace the beauty you already have?

For the love of curly hair,


Loxa Beauty guest blogger Megan Giannini is an IT Recruiter and freelance publicist by day, beauty and food enthusiast by night. In her free time, you'll find her exploring Indianapolis, volunteering with her sorority, contributing to IndySpectator or cooking. Follow her on instagram or Twitter.

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