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Embracing The Gray: The Female Silver Fox

Ladies, we know that aging is usually at the top of the list of things to nip in the bud. But at some point, reality and nature reign in the age battle. Whether you choose to keep fighting or throw in the towel and confidently embrace your age is up to you, but there is nothing sexier than gracefully subscribing to a new chapter in your life: GRAY HAIR.

Do we even need to discuss how sexy gray hair is on the George Clooney's of the male population? Or are we all on the same page about that? Great, that's what I thought! The great news is, the appeal doesn't favor one gender over the other. It looks just as great on women!

helen mirren Embracing gray hair One foxy silver fox!

Helen Mirren continues to stun us when it comes to her presence on any red carpet. When I think of aging gracefully, she is the first person that pops into mind. The way she embraces her age is such an inspiration to women of all ages. She is Hollywood's Female Silver Fox - The Female Anderson Cooper! She wears it loud, proud, and always with the best style.

jamie lee curtis embracing gray hair Salt & Peppa's here!

Jamie Lee Curtis is the spokeswoman for female salt & pepper hair, and makes it look stunning. Who knew that this style would look good on anyone other than George Clooney?! Jamie has major confidence rocking the bold look and it radiates off of her!

meryl streep the devil wears prada embracing gray hair The Meryl Wears White

When Meryl Streep frosted her strands for The Devil Wears Prada, it was a very nice surprise. It actually flattered her a lot more than the champagne blonde she usually sports, which can sometimes wash her out. The bold snow white color meshes great with her skin tone. Her character in this movie, a powerful and demanding fashion magazine editor, made this head of hair look trendy and fierce!

kelly osbourne embracing gray hair

Gray hair is certainly not limited to specific ages, as Kelly Osbourne has proved. The 27 year old star has experimented with the hair color quite frequently stating that "it is something she has wanted to do her whole life" and that she is just having fun with hair color while she can get away with it at her young age.

This past winter, the gray hair trend surfaced and tempted younger stars searching for a bold new look. Pink, Lady Gaga, and Kate Moss were among those adventurous enough to jump on the gray bandwagon with Kelly.

Gray hair is no longer considered unattractive. It is actually quite the opposite. Gray hair equals pride, confidence, and independence, which equals SEXY. Be bold and embrace the gray!

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