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How To Fall In Love With Your Hair


My hair is too thin.

My ends are always split.

It just never does what I tell it to do.

Enough with the negative hair chatter! It's easy to fall into the "I hate my hair" trap, so let’s call a truce on the war with our manes. Before you threaten to just chop it all off again (for the hundredth time), check out these tips on how to fall In love with your hair again.

Focus on the positive

You can focus on pesky flyaways and oily roots, or you can think of all of the good things your hair has going for it instead. I bet you have an awesome hair color, perfect bangs or a hair texture that just won’t quit! For the things that do bother you, consider a reframe.  For oily roots, you can always use Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo and Conditioner to clean them up.

Marvel at all the things your hair can do

When I’m feeling less than thrilled about my hair,  I try to remember that I have other styling options to choose from. Thinking about one thing that you can do to make your hair look better (even temporarily) is a good place to start. For you, that could mean adding a braid, wearing your hair down, or spicing up your natural hair journey.  Get creative and use Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream to play up flexible styling options.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's hair

Does scrolling through the gorgeous crown and glory photos on your Instagram feed regularly make you green with hair envy? In that case, my friend, you’re doing it wrong. It’s cool to admire someone else's hair, but when it makes you start cursing your own strands, go back to point 1 and focus on the positives.  Remember - one woman's dreaded frizz fest is another woman's to-die-for Diana Ross moment. In other words, there is no such thing as perfect!

Ask a stylist

One of the many reasons we love our stylists is because they know how to work their magic to bring out the best in our hair.  Have an honest conversation with your stylist about what you love and hate about your hair. Let them show you the best way to work what you've got.

For more ideas to help boost your hair-esteem, check out these 10 additional tips on how to be happy with your hair.

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