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Fall Wedding Hairstyles & Trends

My sister had an outdoor wedding in July. I know what you are thinking, “How did the bride and her bridesmaids' hair possibly survive the brutal summer heat?” Thankfully, we had a wonderful stylist who encouraged us to consider hairstyles that worked best for humid and hot summer days. We all stuck with traditional updos. I made sure my bangs were pinned back and layered on the hairspray. I live on the dance floor at wedding receptions, so I didn't want to ruin my sister's wedding pictures by looking like a bridesmaid who just left the gym: aka a sweaty mess.

Fall weddings are a different story. Because the weather is less humid, you have a wider range of hairstyles, accessories, and hair colors to consider for your big day!

Wedding Hairstyles:

If you have longer hair, consider wearing it all down and curled for a simple and elegant look. A great curling iron and extra hairspray are required. Accessories are optional.

Fall Wedding Hairstyles & Trends

Sock buns are all the rage right now. Add some braids throughout the sock bun to add more personality this simple style.

Fall Wedding Hairstyles & Trends

Can’t decide if you want your hair up or down? Do both with this beautiful half up and half down style!

Fall Wedding Hairstyles & Trends

I’m always a fan of a curly side pony tail with bangs swopping in the opposite direction. Ask your stylist about adding a flower headpiece that matches your dress. Speaking of flowers, let’s switch gears to accessories.

Hair Accessories:

Fall Wedding Hairstyles & Trends

If you aren’t interested in a traditional veil, consider a retro hairstyle with a veil that goes across your face.  I absolutely love this handmade veil, which I found on Etsy.

Fall Wedding Hairstyles & Trends

If you have beautiful fall flowers ordered for the big day, don’t just use them in your centerpieces. Add these beauties to your hair!

Hair Colors:

Fall is the perfect time of year to switch to a darker or red hair color. Disclaimer: I don’t recommend making dramatic changes to your hair the week of your wedding, unless you’ve previously used that color or know the color matches your skin tone. Trust me, the last place you want to be the week of your wedding is in your stylist's seat undergoing an emergency hair makeover. In fact, you should coordinate a date with your stylist to schedule a "dress rehearsal" to test your hairstyles and accessories.

If you’re getting married soon, tweet us pictures @loxabeauty from your big day! We’d love to see pictures of your fall wedding hairstyles and accessories. Better yet, if you are having cheesy potatoes at dinner, send me a wedding invitation and I’ll be sure to show up. Don’t worry; The Sieb’s bring great wedding gifts.

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