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Faux Side-Swept Bangs: Hit or Miss?

If you're like me, then you're pretty keen on hair extensions, faux lashes and bobs, but what are your thoughts on faux side-swept bangs? Let's take a look at some of the good, bad and ugly questionable runway adaptations of the trend before we decide.


Tracy Reese faux side bangs

Tracy Reese fake side bang


For her fall show, Tracy Reese featured beauties with tousled side swept hair secured with functional, yet decorative bobby pins. I'll admit it, this is my favorite version of the faux look. It's slightly unkempt, totally accessible and perfect for second day hair or freshly washed hair with Big Sexy Hair Powder Play applied for added texture.


The styling is also workable shorter hair:


Tracy Reese side swept bang short hair

Or is this perhaps more comb-over than chic sweep? No matter, I'm still into it.


Reem Acra sideswept bang


Reem Acra took a sleeker approach to the runway approved trend, combining the wet look with a deep side part. The side part is hot, but for me the shellacked hair is not. Could you see yourself rocking a similar hairstyle for fall?


rag and bone side swept bang

Dries Van Noten side swept bang


For a less dramatic takes, see Rag and Bone's swooped bang with a little retro teasing action or Dries Van Noten's easy tucked behind the ear version. Either of these bangin' styles could serve as inspiration for a winning look.


So what's your verdict on faux side-swept bangs? Are you feeling this sweeping trend?


For the love of hair,




Photo Credits: Elle | Beautystat | Bazaar

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