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Festive Holiday Manicures

The holiday season is upon us, and that means it's time to get fun and festive! It's totally appropriate to get a little creative with your holiday manicures, adding a little bling, sparkle or pizzazz. Whether you’re an at-home DIY manicurist or work as a nail pro, these festive holiday manicures are glamorous and easy to recreate.

Silver & Gold

Bring out the bling in your style by adding silver or gold to your manicure. This style works well with an accent nail, as a festive french, or all over. The perfect option when looking for a festive mani for that evening holiday party. We love OPI's Haven't the Foggiest and Nice Finn-ish.

OPI Haven't the Foggiest

If you like to play it a little safe, this is the choice for you. A classic look with a simple twist. Prepare your nails as usual with a French manicure, a neutral base layer and a white tip. Add a thin gold stripe right below the white tip, adding just a touch of bling to your look. Morgan Taylor's Give Me Gold and CND's Locket Love are both great options.

Morgan Taylor Give Me Gold

Plum & Evergreen

What would you say to a warm purple nail with a stripe of evergreen down the middle? Amazing is what we'd say. These are such warm, winter inspired colors and great compliments of each other. If your hands are a little unsteady, use nail tape to mark off were you want the stripe. Try CDN Vinylux Plum Paisley and Serene Green to achieve this fun style.

CND Plum Paisley and Serene GreenRed & White

Candy cane wishes and peppermint dreams are calling with this traditional combo. Depending on how you look at a candy cane you can approach this manicure in one of two ways:

  • Paint all nails white and put a stripe of red diagonally across the nail.


  • You could paint your nails red and make the tips white as a non-traditional French manicure.

Either way you’ll end up with a very festive holiday manicure. We're partial to Morgan Taylor's Snuggle by the Fire with All White Now.

Morgan Taylor Snuggle By The Fire

What do you think? What are you doing to take care of your nails this winter?

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