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Color Trend: Getting Fierce with Fuchsia

britney spears fuchsia trendWhen I first read that fuchsia was going to be a big color for spring my mind immediately went to Britney Spears circa 2008. As in when she had a MAJOR meltdown and decided that hair was out and pink wigs were in. So I was honestly a little scared to check out this trend.

But as it turns out, the combination of fuchsia and mental stability can actually be quite fabulous. And considering the comeback that Britney has made, I would even go so far as to suggest that she brings the color back into her fashion repertoire....just not on her head. So Brit, here are my ideas for how you should bring back the fuchsia:


Jennifer Lopez stuns, as usual, in these Casadei stiletto pumps. But if you are like me and have a wardrobe that mimics a teenager going through a serious goth phase (black EVERYTHING!), throwing in a fuchsia shoe is the perfect way to incorporate a pop of color. And all without having to venture too far out of the "I can't leave the house without black on" comfort zone.

jennifer lopez fuchsia trend

I love award show season because it is such a good indicator of what is going to be hot in the months to follow. We saw that pixies, braids, and pompadours were trendy hairstyles at the Golden Globes this year, so judging from Lea Michele's Elie Saab dress and shoes at the 2013 People's Choice Awards, fuchsia is definitely going to be in for spring.

lea michele fuchsia trend

Kim Kardashian has a closet that causes serious cases of envy from fashionistas all over the world, so if she is on board with the fuchsia trend, it is safe to say everyone else will be too. This blazer by Naven can be thrown over just about any outfit to instantly take your look to the next level.

kris jenner kim kardashian fuchsia trend

Katy Perry loves a bright hue and a bold look, which is exactly what she accomplished when she brought fuchsia to her hair and lips. While I actually like this look on her, it is by no means practical for most. But fear not because a new hair trend for 2013 is veiled hair, which is "a technique where a panel of different color is placed inconspicuously, so with each different way you style your hair, you will achieve a different look with how the panel of color stands out!" Veiled hair would be a great way to wear the look at night in the clubs, but be able to hide it during the day with your co-workers. Katy is also rocking emerald on her eyes, which is another hot color trend for 2013!

katy perry fuchsia trend

Emma Stone took the whole "blondes have more fun" thing to heart when she decided to spice up her look with a fuchsia lip. If you are going to add this trendy color to your lipstick collection, try taking it up a notch and matching it with your nails.

emma stone fuchsia trend

Gwyneth Paltrow knows that the best way to dress up her sexy center part is with a bold earring. But earrings aren't just for long haired ladies, they are an easy fix to amp up an undo and make a pixie feel more feminine.

gwyneth paltrow fuchsia trendDita Von Teese, the goddess of glam, even knows how to make her bad hair days swoon worthy. We have been seeing that head scarves and turbans are big trends for 2013, so if you want to be on par with the fashion world this spring, choose one that is fuchsia.

dita von teese fuchsia trend

I hope you were taking notes, Britney, because I fully expect 2013 to be the year that you finally redeem yourself in the fuchsia department!

For the love of color,


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