Fishtail Updo Tutorial

Need a go-to 'do for the summer heat? Check out this no-fuss fishtail updo tutorial for a new summer look.

fishtail updo tutorial


1. Gather your hair into a low pony off to one side, and tie it off with one of your clear elastic bands. This style is better messy, so don't worry about being super perfect with your 'tail.

2. Fishtail braid the entire ponytail, then secure the braid with the other clear elastic.

Don't quite know how to fishtail? Check out this handy tutorial first.

3. Starting from the top of the braid, gently pull out strands so the fishtail braid becomes fatter and looser.

4. Repeat step 3 down the entire length of the braid so the entire fishtail is messy and fat.

5. Take the end of the braid (where the elastic is) in your right hand, then swing it over across to the other side of your head. Tuck the end under so the elastic doesn't show.

6. Start pinning the right side/end of the braid into place against your head. For my hair type, I used Spin Pins - but regular bobby pins or hairpins will work just as well.

7. Pin the rest of the braid against your head until it feels secure.

8. Hairspray that baby (I'm loving Bain de Terre Infinite Hold Firm Finishing Spray) and...voilá! All done.


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