Hot Hair How-To: Flat Iron Curls Tutorial

Curling iron curls falling flat? Say bye-bye to the barrel and turn to your flat iron.

Today's post: Flat iron curls tutorial.

What you'll need:
- Thermal spray (or a pre-drying product that protects your hair from heat)
- Hairspray
- Clip or ponytail holder
- Flat iron (I'm using a one-inch CHI)

Let's get started.

1. Section off the top three-quarters of your hair and secure away with a clip or ponytail holder. Coat the loose hair evenly with the heat protector spray.

2. Grab a small piece of your hair from the left side of your head.

3. Starting from the root, smooth your flat iron about halfway down the strand of hair.

4. While still clamped on your hair, turn the flat iron 180 degrees in a clockwise motion (away from your face).

5. While still turned 180 degrees, slide the flat iron down the strand (toward the tip) about half an inch. Then turn the flat iron 180 degrees clockwise again (for a total of 360 degrees).

6. Slide the flat iron down through the tip of the hair and release.

7. Continue curling strands of hair on the left side of your head in this way. When you move to the right side of your head, change direction of the curl so you're curling counterclockwise.

8. Continue curling all of your hair in this way (clockwise on the left side; counterclockwise on the right).

9. Comb through the curls with your fingers to loosen them up. Then hairspray that baby and…voilà!

Now show us yours! Tweet photos of your curls to @loxabeauty or @hannahshaner, or upload them to our Facebook page. Questions or tutorial suggestions? Leave them in the comments below.

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