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For the Boys: Easy Styles with I-C-E Spiker from Joico

Joico Spiker - Men Styles

When it comes to a product for men that provides a hold that’s out of this world, Joico’s I-C-E Hair Spiker Styling Glue is the clear front runner. No matter your hair type or desired style, I-C-E Spiker will give you an all day hold that looks fresh from start to finish.

The name may have you thinking it’s only good for sky high styles, but you’d be wrong. Whether you’re getting ready for a long day at the office or heading for a night out on the town, Joico’s I-C-E Spiker is the solution. What’s even better is that it’s water resistant. Rain or shine, it doesn’t matter. Joico’s I-C-E Spiker will keep your style locked in place.

Here are some simple tips on how to match your I-C-E Spiker style to your occasion:

Hanging With Pals

  • After washing your hair with Joico’s Daily Care Balancing Shampoo, simply towel dry your hair.
  • Next, apply a very small amount of the styling glue to your fingertips, and work well into your fingers. (A little goes a very long way.)
  • Then work your fingers through your hair to create a textured messy look. The perfect style for a chill night with some friends.

9-5 Style

  • Begin by towel drying your hair after washing it with Joico’s Daily Care Balancing Shampoo.
  • Make sure your hair is slightly damp and apply a healthy amount (depending on thickness and length of hair) to your hands.
  • Next emulsify the I-C-E Spiker into your palms.Then starting at the front of your hairline, smooth your hair back creating a sleek, “Mad Men” style.
  • As your hair dries, you may need to tame down some fly-aways or uncooperative strands. For detailed styling apply a small amount of I-C-E Spiker to your fingertips. This will allow you to put those hairs into place. Now with this classic look you’re armed for a day of hard work and ambition.

Out On The Town

  • After washing your hair with Joico’s Daily Care Balancing Shampoo, towel dry your hair. Finish the drying process by blow drying your hair to help it stand up on its own.
  • Apply a dime sized amount of the I-C-E Spiker to your fingers. Work into your hands, and let the spiking begin. Now you have an edgy, spiked look with great shine and texture that will hold all night.

Joico's I-C-E  Hair Spiker Styling Glue allows you to create any style imaginable while giving you great shine and texture. Shop it here.

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