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Four Braid Updo Tutorial

Messy and undone styles are perfect to try as the weather heats up. This style will take you from the first days of spring until the last warm days of September. Follow the instructions and product picks below to get the look.

4 braid updo tutorial4 braid updo tutorial4 braid updo tutorial4 braid updo tutorial

Before beginning, work some texturizing product through your strands for extra hold. Depending on the type of hold you want, go for a waxy pomade (like Style Sexy Hair Control Maniac Wax) or a creamy balm (try Style Sexy Hair Slept In Texture Creme).

1. Separate your hair into four equal sections, then braid each to the end. Tie off each braid with a clear elastic. Then, gently pull at the braids to loosen/fatten them up a bit. (Don't worry if they aren't exactly equal or if your braids are messy!)

2. Take the braid that's second from the left in one hand.

3. Loop it around the one right next to it.

4. Pin it securely against your head using a bobby pin or two.

5. Now take the braid second from the right (the one you just looped the previous braid around) and loop it in the opposite direction around the loop you just created.

6. Pin it into place securely against your head.

7. Take the remaining braid from the left side and cross it over the top of the looped braids.

8. Pin the end of the free braid under the braided updo you've already created, making sure to hide the ends under the updo.

9. Repeat step 8 with the remaining braid from the right side.

Hairspray that baby (try Big Sexy Hair Spray & Stay) and...voila!

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