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Get a Clean Scalp and Clean Slate by Going Gluten-Free

Get a Clean Scalp and Clean Slate by Going Gluten-Free

We all need a fresh start sometimes. When the decision has been made to use only gluten-free hair products, ridding the hair and scalp of existing toxins should be the first step. Also, oil buildup in hair can be such a let down, literally weighing down hair. And this is true for all hair types from fine hair to natural hair to curly hair. So if you just need a clean slate (scalp) or are trying to remove all glutens, we’ve got the clarifying products for you.

Even the driest of hair produces oil and buildup and can benefit from a clarifying shampoo. When it comes to clarifying shampoos, some are created for more frequent use like Un-Do-Goo Clarifying Shampoo from Malibu C while others are meant to more intensive treatments. This gluten-free shampoo will rid your hair of glutens and gently remove resin buildup from styling products while retaining moisture and rebuilding hair proteins.

More intensive treatments like Scruples Pearl Classic Collection Hair Clearifier Treatment target all chemicals in hair, even medications. It gently removes waxes, oils, minerals, polymers, resins, chlorine and chemicals. It is designed to clarify all hair types.

For an all-in-one daily approach to ridding hair and scalp of toxins and gluten, try Healthy Scalp Wellness Kit by Malibu C. This kit provides a gentle wellness system for daily use and draws out water-born elements that can irritate and compound scalp issues. It promotes a healthy scalp by increasing blood flow to scalp layers and is infused with B vitamins, niacin and biotin for enhanced therapeutic results. And, the shampoo doubles as a body wash!

So get a clean slate and clean scalp and be on your way to fully gluten-free. Loxa Beauty lets you filter all products by ingredient requirements to make gluten-free hair care easy.

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