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Get the Look: Twist to Top Knot

Get the Look - Twist to Top Knot

Loxa Beauty teamed up with LA stylist Afshin Ammadi to create an fashion-forward twist to top knot (a la top knot queen Gwen Stefani), featuring CHI Shine Infusion.

CHI Shine Infusion is a thermal polishing spray that adds incredible shine to hair. This thermal spray polishes strands without weighing hair down or making it oily, and protects and revitalizes hair, ridding it of frizz and repairing split ends.

CHI Shine Infusion is THE perfect spray for adding polish and shine - as well as lasting hold - to sleek ponies and top knots (like this one!). Grab your Shine Infusion, and let's get styling!

1. Using the end of a comb, section off the front half from the back half of your hair by creating a horizontal part from ear to ear. Clip or hold the back section of hair out of the way to start.

2. Pull all of the hair from the top section upward and slightly forward, to the top front of your head. Use a comb to add sleekness.

3. Twist the top section tightly on top of your head, counterclockwise. Keep the tension in the twist so it remains in tact.

4. Use several bobby pins to secure the twist to the top of your head (it should be able 2-3 inches long).

5. Take the end of the twisted section (the part that isn't pinned to your head) and clip it out of the way temporarily.

6. Now onto the back section of hair. Comb this section of hair up toward the top of your head (make sure it's sleek like the top section).

7. Twist the hair from the bottom section similar to how you did with the top section. While twisting, start pinning to help keep the tension in the twist. (You'll end up with a modified French twist with the bottom section of hair.)

8. Remove the clip holding the top section's ends out of the way. Combine the remainder of the top section with the remainder of hair from the bottom section, then continue twisting and coiling the pony until you've created a bun shape.

9. Pin the bun against your head so it's securely in place.

10. Spray all over with CHI Shine Infusion spray, especially along the hairline and bun where flyaways are frequent.


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