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Get Rocker Chic with AG Hair High & Dry

AG Hair High and Dry


We all get a little green with envy when we see a girl with that perfect, effortless look of rocker chic hair. Thanks to AG Hair, the rest of us are able to rock this look just as well!

The key to achieving this effortless sexy look is all about layering AG Hair High & Dry Matte Volume and Finish Spray.  High & Dry is a light weight versatile super-dry finishing spray that infuses hair with a "high grip" mist formulated to maintain, hold and support texture, volume and create lasting style retention with a matte finish.

How to: After styling, begin to separate hair into layers with your fingers and spray each layer with High & Dry. As you are spraying, scrunch and coax the hair while continuing to lift. This step adds extra texture as well as volume for a moveable, long lasting style.

AG Hair High & Dry is great for all hair types. Loxa blogger Sarah tried out the High & Dry on her stick straight hair and couldn't believe the results. By just using a little bit of the High & Dry, the spray multiplied the volume, movement and texture  in her "usually lifeless hair".

Whatever your hair type might be , add a little  High & Dry to top off your finished style for the perfect amount of texture and volume.

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