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Get Sky-High Volume with AG Hair

Our blogging team has been putting AG Hair products to the test. So far, we've pampered ourselves with AG Hair's colour care productsBeach Bomb Tousled Texture Spray and The Oil. Next, we made our sky-high volume dreams a reality with AG Hair's Volume line, especially AG Hair High & Dry Matte Volume and Finish Spray.



Hair type + texture: Straight as a board, fine and never colored.

Favorite way to style: I usually wear my hair down and straight or in a quick bun. If I'm going out, I'll wear it curled, sleek and straight or in a fun braided updo.

Biggest hair gripe: I have no volume at all! My hair is so fine and stick-straight, it often gets weighed down by products. And even though I rarely heat style my hair, I still end up with breakage and damage on a regular basis.

Volume products Sarah tried: Volume Foam, Thikk Wash & Rinse, High & Dry

Results: Volume Foam: Volume Foam made my straight hair finally feel like it had some bounce! On my walk to work, I kept checking out my hair in the windows because it looked so amazing. Even better, I could still run my fingers through my hair despite the volume, which was practically unheard of with other volumizing products I've tried. The silky-smooth finish and bounce made Volume Foam a win-win for me.

Thikk Wash & Rinse: These products did exactly what they were supposed to do. I could see the change after the first time I used them. My hair felt super light from the weightless formulas of this AG shampoo and conditioner, which gave me sky-high volume. Anytime I'm looking for a little extra va-va-voom, I know exactly which products to start with!

High & Dry: I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical to try this spray, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised! I like the way AG Hair High & Dry not only holds my style but also adds life and texture to my hair. My stick-straight hair has very little life in it, and just using a little bit of this spray multiplied my volume, movement and texture.


AG Hair Volume line review


Hair type + texture: Short, thick and ultra-curly.

Favorite way to style: I generally always wear my hair with a part in it, but I change up my style depending on the type of product I'm using that day. When I get fancy, I use a high-hold pomade and comb, and push my hair over to distribute the pomade evenly.  Then I tussle the top while keeping the sides flattened down. 

Biggest hair gripe: Humidity. Hands down, humidity is the worst thing in the world for people with curly hair, and I'm definitely no exception.

Volume products Brendon tried: Thikk Wash & Rinse

Results: Overall, I really liked both of the AG Hair volume products I tried. 

Thikk Wash: This weightless shampoo worked well on my thick, curly locks. A small amount of the product created a great lather, and the smell is very invigorating. Thikk Wash cleaned my thick hair without drying it out any.

Thikk Rinse: Thikk Rinse is the perfect complement to Thikk Wash. But what really made Thikk Rinse stand out was the fact that it can stand alone - meaning it can be used as directed following shampoo, or just as a leave-in, which really helped smooth out the kinks in my curls.

As a leave-in conditioner, Thikk Rinse was the perfect smoothing base to use prior to styling products. It kept my hair shiny and moisturized all day. I even went product-free after using Thikk Wash & Rinse (which I almost never do), and the volume from the shampoo and conditioner alone was enough for my hair to be detangled and frizz-free.


AG Hair The Oil review


Hair type + texture: My hair is fine, thin and heat damaged. I also get it colored on a regular basis.

Favorite way to style: I usually wear my hair straight (using a flat iron). If I'm going out or feeling fancy, I'll do a simple updo.

Biggest hair gripe: I've experienced dramatic hair loss due to post-partum hormones, especially in my bangs! I long for thicker, healthier hair with volume.

Volume products Ashley tried: Thikk Wash

Results: I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this shampoo. IN. LOVE. I’ve always told my hairstylist that I haven’t found a shampoo that I “can’t live without.” I’ve been waiting years to find a shampoo that makes my hair smell great and pump up the volume without weighing down my hair. I’ve found that a lot of other shampoos make my hair feel greasy and weighed down, but not Thikk Wash. AG Hair Thikk Wash Volumizing Shampoo gives me much-needed volume without the heavy, greasy feeling that often comes with other shampoos. I'm a believer!  



Hair type + texture: Before I chopped my long-ish hair into a lob, my hair was fine and thin, with the tendency to be dry and damaged (even moreso because it's blonde and color treated). My new healthy cut feels much thicker and healthier, so I'd (finally) put myself in that category.

Favorite way to style: If I'm in a hurry, I'll quickly straighten my ends with a flat iron to smooth them, though it blow dries pretty straight anyway. I prefer to style my lob with a curling wand, which gives me voluminous, bouncy waves.

Biggest hair gripe: I have to be very careful about the amount of products I use on my hair. Just using a smidge too much product easily makes my hair feel oily or like I have too much build-up, even if I've just washed and pre-styled it.

Volume products Hannah tried: Thikk Wash & RinseVolume FoamHigh & Dry


Thikk Wash & Rinse: Like I said, I've lately had issues with build-up in my hair, causing it to feel greasy way too soon after washing. For the first time in a long time, AG Hair Thikk Wash & Rinse completely changed that. This shampoo and conditioner are both light enough that they don't make my hair feel built-up with product at all. At the same time, they don't weigh my hair down, giving it super volume and bounce like I've never seen in my hair before. To be honest, I wasn't entirely sure that much volume was even possible for my hair type/texture. Best of all? Thikk Wash & Rinse let me go an extra day or two between washes, which I've never been able to do (even with dry shampoo). My hair stays clean, soft and bouncy even by day three, and that heavy, gross oily feeling is long gone.

Volume Foam: A root lift and/or volumizing product is part of my daily hair routine, so I was excited to use AG Hair's Volume Foam. The other products I've tried before have all been a spray mousse or powder texture, so this light foam formula surprised me. On my first use, I was a bit skeptic of how such a light foam could give me any kind of volume at all, and I'm happy to say I was completely blown away by the results. Volume Foam is light enough to not cause buildup in my hair, but it still lifts my roots and gives my fine hair the volume it needs. After washing, I've used two or three pumps of the foam and worked it directly onto my roots. I then roughly blow dry my hair, tousling it in different directions for even more volume. This foam definitely delivers on its promises!

High & Dry: Even though AG Hair High & Dry is a light hairspray, it continued to help give my hair volume without adding weight. It was enough to prevent static while helping keep my finished style in place. When used after shampooing and conditioning with Thikk Wash & Rinse and then adding Volume Foam before blow drying, High & Dry is the perfect finishing spray for an all-over soft, smooth, shiny and voluminous style. I'm completely in love with all of the AG Hair Volume products I've tried!


AG Hair Volume line review


Hair type + texture: My hair is thin and straight.

Favorite way to style: On the average day, I wear my hair down and straight, using little product. When I'm going out, I'll style it into soft curls or an intricate updo.

Biggest hair gripe: My hair tends to get flat and limp easily, especially due to its thin texture. I crave volume, and it can be difficult to make that happen!

Volume products Staci tried: High & Dry, Aerodynamics Lightweight Spray


High & Dry: STAPLE ALERT. AG Hair High & Dry is by far my favorite product that I’ve tried. EVER. High & Dry instantly injects volume, and it actually holds - no teasing required! Just run your fingers through your hair and go. I’ve actually been using High & Dry as a dry shampoo. Not only does High & Dry pump up limp strands, but it also smells incredible! I'm so happy I finally found a finishing spray that gives me the volume I've been wanting.

Aerodynamics Lightweight Spray: Aerodynamics Finishing Spray is a “no frills” product, but it serves its purpose. I’ve been using this religiously post-styling. This spray is a very lightweight holding product that doesn't leave my hair with any kind of gunky build-up - and it dries quickly. You can spritz your hair to lock down your style and literally walk right out the door! Overall, the simplicity and effectiveness of Aerodynamics are the shining stars of this product.


Have you tried AG Hair? Did you LOVE it as much as we did? Leave a comment and let us know what you thought!


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