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Get the Perfect Blowout with Joico’s Damien Carney

It’s time to take your hair from drab to fab with the perfect blowout – even if you’re a novice, creating volume is easy with these tips from Joico International Artistic Director Damien Carney!


Are you ready to take your blowout to the next level? Here’s what you need to get started:

Joico K-Pak Thermal Design Foam- This product is key for creating long-lasting volume. As Damien says in the video below, “Never underestimate the power of a good mousse!”

A Few Duckbill Clips - Sectioning off your hair as you blow dry allows you to focus individually on each section.

A Large Round Brush - Your brush can make or break your blowout. For big, soft volume, always choose a larger brush. A small brush creates a tighter, firmer curl. Which look do you want to achieve?

A Blow Dryer

Double Prong Clips - You’ll use these to hold in the curl as it cools.

Joico K Pak Protect and Shine Serum - This serum adds a glossy final touch to complete the perfect blowout.



Let’s start styling!

Step by Step:

1. Start with Joico K-Pak Thermal Design Foam -  Put a generous amount of mousse onto your hair, even more than you think you might need. Apply generously to your hair starting at the scalp to set the foundation for your look.


2. Choose the Right Brush – Before getting started with your blow dry, be sure to use a bigger brush to create softer and bigger volume in your hair.

3. How to Blow DryWork from the scalp area, moving down to the end of your hair by wrapping the brush around the bottom few inches, while still blow drying. This will not only add volume to your hair, but a lot of movement.

4. Section your HairTo keep the volume and curl that was created from your blow dry, take small sections of hair and pin the curl up to keep the style in place while you’re completing the blow dry.  (There should be no loose pieces of hair when you’re done pinning)


5. Create Maximum VolumeOnce your hair is completely dry, pull out all the pins! By using your hands, tousle your hair starting at the scalp to loosen the hair and break it up. Rotate your hands like you’re giving your head a massage to create additional volume.

6. Don’t Make it Too Perfect –  Keep in mind that you don’t want your hair to look too perfect, it’s not a wedding or prom. Using your hands to tousle out the pinned up hair will create a much more relaxed look.

7. Finish with a Joico K Pak Protect and Shine SerumUse a tiny bit of serum (one drop) to add extra shine and finish the look.



Now the options are endless! You can wear your fab new blowout down or pull it back into a sexy, loose pony. Try twisting it up into a glamorous updo. Remember to keep your look tousled and sultry… too perfect is never a good thing!

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