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Going Gluten-Free For Your Hair and Skin

Going Gluten-Free For Your Skin and Hair

Going gluten-free is a very hot topic right now, and it can be difficult to find the right information for all the varying reasons for a gluten-free lifestyle. From the absolute necessity of celiac disease to a personal choice, many people search for a way to rid gluten from all aspects of life, including personal care products.

"There is a growing population of people being diagnosed with gluten allergies,” Malibu C Founder and President Tom Porter said. “Dermatologists now know that skin is more permeable than ever believed in the past. Knowing that many of glutens are small size of molecular weight, theoretically, the gluten in those proteins could be absorbed by the skin and penetrate into the human system. Because some of the symptoms of gluten include skin rashes, it is logical to assume that avoiding gluten by using gluten-free hair, scalp and skin care is a smart precaution which we would advocate to be a wellness approach."

Undiagnosed gluten intolerance, sensitivity or celiac disease can result in hair loss due to malnutrition or autoimmune deficiencies (alopecia areata). Nutritional deficiencies in healthy hair boosters like protein, B-vitamins, iron and calcium present themselves in some cases of gluten ingestion. Hair products targeted to prevent hair loss can be a great choice to enhance hair’s health.

Some people who suffer from other autoimmune conditions like psoriasis and eczema do find improvements by adopting gluten-free lifestyles, including beauty products that come in contact with the skin. To be certain if gluten-free products are a must for you, contact your doctor.

Identifying gluten, hydrolyzed wheat protein, in products can sometimes be tricky. And if you prefer to avoid the risk of gluten contact, Loxa Beauty makes it easy for you to find gluten-free products here.

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