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How to Go Blonde

How to Go Blonde

When the temperatures rise, so do those desires for sun-kissed locks. If your inner Marilyn is looking to show off this summer, here are some for tips how to go blonde without a bunch of headaches:

Find the right shade.

Blonde isn't just blonde. There's a huge spectrum of shades and tones, and in order to find the most flattering, start with your skin:

how to go blonde - taylor swift

Fair skin

Good news, fair ladies: You can pretty much run the gamut of blonde shades. From Christina Aguilera platinum to buttery golden shades a la Reese Witherspoon to darker, brown-blonde shades like Taylor Swift, you're good to go.


how to go blonde - jessica alba

Medium Skin

Medium skin can also wear a fantastic pallet of blondes, including platinum. To match warmer skin tones, look for golden shades with a hint of red--think Connie Britton--or rich honey shades, like Jessica Alba.


how to go blonde - beyonce

Dark Skin

Women like Beyonce and Nicole Richie have pulled off blonde by sticking with golden and butter shades. It's also a matter of avoiding too harsh of a contrast. Many times they keep roots or under layers darker and gradually bring out the blonde.

Prepare your hair.

It's no secret bleaching is harsh on hair, leaving you with dry, brittle locks. The process also runs the risk of not coming out as expected due to potential reactions with products already in the hair. Fortunately, you can help dodge these problems with prep work.

First, use a solid clarifying shampoo that penetrates hair to remove product build-up and any environmental residues (like lime and other minerals from hard water). Clarifying shampoo is designed to do the trick and is a professional grade shampoo to prep for chemical treatments.

Second, do some deep conditioning to get hair in tip-top shape. If it's too dry or damaged, you'll risk breakage and destroying your hair even more. Some stylists also turn clients away to avoid stressing strands. Grab a heavy conditioner to help with this issue.

Don't rush it.

If you're going from black or brunette shades, or you've colored your hair in the past few months, often the best way to get dream-worthy blonde is to transition one color session at a time. Drastic changes in one treatment are one-way ticket to extreme damage or a color you aren't happy with.

Invest in post-color TLC.

Once you've made the change, the best way to have more fun is to stock up on blonde-specific products. Unlike darker shades, blonde hair is more susceptible to discoloring with everyday events, like hanging out in a chlorine-rich pool. Products specifically for blonde shades help keep color rich while also improving hair's health after the bleaching process.

Shampoos and conditioners formulated for blonde hair are powerful duos great for everyday use that will preserve color while also repairing damage so you can have soft, touchable hair. Other blonde hair products can help boosts hair's shine and allow blonde tones to glisten while protecting hair from UV damage, which can cause discoloration.

With the right tools and approach, your time on the blonde side certainly be chic, stylish, and full of touchable hair moments.

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