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Great Gatsby Hair

Late last night, I was watching the latest episode of Vampire Diaries (my obsession, thanks to DVR). Just as I am getting ready to fast forward through the commercials, I see Carey Mulligan's sultry bob à la the upcoming knockout film, Great Gatsby. Needless to say, I waited two minutes before skipping over and watched in envy as the finger waves and slicked back hair flashed across the screen. Ever since, try as I might, I can't seem to shake the ultimate perfection of the roaring twenties tresses (see image below, can you say fierce?)


There is something about a killer bob that makes make wish I had some sort of bone structure in my face so I could pull off this look (leave it to my Italian genes and lots of pasta to make that impossible in my lifetime). Regardless, since the release of the Great Gatsby trailer, women and men everywhere (including myself) have been pinning, tweeting and styling everything 20's. I did a little research and snagged a few pictures of my favorite 1920's hair recreations as well as a few awesome tips from Kerry Warn.

When questioned by Vogue about the signature twenties look, Kerry Warn (aka 20's hair genius and Great Gatsby stylist) said:

"A bob. For the film [Great Gatsby] we graduated the bob - which in those days was called a semi-shingle. Like a roof. Sleek and tight to the head so that as much attention as possible was given to the face and the clothes. A highly feline look. It's important the hair stays in place and is controlled. This is a highly styled looked so you need to invest the time and effort into maintaining the effect."


carey mulligan Great Gatsby Hair

I may not be able to tell you a single thing about how to "semi-shingle" or even how to look like a "feline" but I can totally tell you what products to use if you want to try a look like this.

To shape your style: Shaping creme

To sleek out frizzies in your style: Smoothing serum

To hold your style: Hairspray

More Twenties Inspired Looks & Trends:


20's Hair Trend: Headpieces


20's Hair Trend: Fingerwaves

rachel wood Great Gatsby Hair

20's Hair Trend: Bouncy Curls & Fingerwaved Bangs


20's Hair Trend: Straight Cheek-Length Bob

Not ready to cut all your hair into a bob? For a great tutorial on how to create a faux-bob, click here.

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