Great Skin on the Go with Timeless By Pevonia

Great Skin on the Go

It can be tempting to leave your skincare routine at home and rationalize taking a few days off when traveling. Skipping a few days won’t matter, right? Wrong! Your skin needs regular daily maintenance, particularly when you are on the road and flying. Plus, you run the risk of not getting right back into a routine when you return home.

Air travel can be challenging when it comes to maintaining skin care. Size requirements for liquids, dry air in the airplane cabins, stress, and changes in water and weather can all present difficulties when traveling. While rules on personal electronic use have relaxed, liquids in carry-ons still need to be less than 3 ounces. Travel sized products, like those in Timeless By Pevonia’s Timeless Traveler Kit, are the ideal solution for a number of reasons!

The Timeless Traveler Kit includes a complete, quality skincare regimen in FAA approved travel-sized packaging. These travel-sized bottles make it easy to follow your skincare routine “remotely”. A bonus? The travel sizes don’t take up much space or add weight to your bags.


Timeless By Pevonia Traveler Kit includes:

Foaming Gel Cleanser - Travel size: 1 oz., (30ml)

Radiant Skin Toner - Travel Size: 1 oz., (30 ml)

Collagen Serum - Travel size:  .17 oz. (5 ml)

Eye Contour Serum - Travel size: .07 oz. (2 ml)

Collagen Moisturizer - Travel size: .5 oz. (15 ml).


Traveling can wreak havoc on even the toughest of skin, so it needs extra TLC while on-the-go. Even oily skin is sensitive to the dry air when flying, so just imagine what it does to normal, dry and aging skin. It is a must to keep skin hydrated, as dehydration over time is one of the biggest causes of aging. The best way to do this is to cleanse with a sulfate-free cleanser, moisturize your face, neck and chest well before you board.  Mist with the Radiant Skin Toner every hour you are in the air to keep skin hydrated. Good news, you can even spritz over makeup!

Still finding it hard to wrap your head around skincare at on-the-go? Make being away from the responsibilities of home (i.e. laundry, dishes, etc) an opportunity to take care of your skin. Think of your hotel room as a mini spa! Take a few minutes to massage your serums into trouble zones. This will help your products penetrate deeper and smooth wrinkles. Once you see how easy it is to take your at-home routine with you wherever you go, you will never dream of traveling without it.

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Post brought to you by Pevonia Corporate Educator and Licensed Esthetician, Kendall Weatherman. Kendall continues helping consumers via by assessing their skincare concerns and customizing regimens to address their particular needs. Kendall studies everything she can about new developments in the world of skin and health loves sharing her experience, knowledge and passion for healthy, results-oriented skin and body care.

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