Hair Care 101: Looking After Colored Hair

Hair Care 101: Looking After Colored HairMore women are choosing to color their hair than ever before. It’s not hard to figure out why! The right shade can totally transform your look. It doesn’t matter if you crave a natural shade or something bold and over the top… the key to gorgeous colored hair is proper care and maintenance. Are you thinking about making a change? Do you want gorgeous color that lasts and lasts? Then you have come to the right place. This is Hair Care 101: looking after colored hair. With these tips and tricks at your disposal, your hair color will look vibrant day after day.

Start With The Right Products

We all have our favourite products. Maybe you like the way a certain shampoo smells, or how soft your hair feels after you apply a particular hair mask. There is nothing wrong with having products you love…. but once you start color treating your hair, it may be time to re-think those products. Not all shampoos and conditioners are designed for colored hair. Your best bet is to look for something that mentions color in the name, like the Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. Used together, they can prevent common issues from occurring, like dryness or fading color. It is also a good idea to use a hair mask once a week. (We like the Framesi Hair Treatment Line Mask For Colored Hair.) This will add in moisture that hair color can remove.

Use Heat Styling Tools With Caution

Who doesn’t love the ease of heat styling? In a few short minutes, your hair can go from bland to bam. There are traditional curling irons, clampless curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers and many other types of heat tools on the market. While they are great, they can also affect the health and overall appearance of colored hair. Heat tools can remove moisture from the surface and follicle of your hair, making it feel dry or straw-like. That in turn can lead to breakage, which allows color to escape. The solution? Protect your hair. Use a heat protectant like the CHI 44 Iron Guard, let your hair air dry as often as possible, and keep your tools at the proper temperature.

Schedule Regular Salon Visits

Adding color to your hair requires the help of a professional. Sure, there are box dyes out there…but they often lead to dryness, poor color quality, and unreliable results. Check out our salon vs. box dye article here to find out just how that happens. It's just as important to schedule regular salon visits to keep your color looking great. The last thing you want to deal with are visible roots (unless your rocking an ombre)! So, how often should you visit? It all depends. If you have chosen a color dramatically different to your natural hair color, you will need to visit more frequently. A good rule of thumb is every three to six weeks. Highlights on the other hand will need to be touched up every two to four months. Be sure to consult with your stylist though.

Other Important Hair Care Tips

  • Use cold water to rinse your hair. Hot water can damage color treated hair, leading to fading and dryness. Cooler water is best to use when you rinse out your shampoo and conditioner. It will help seal in your color and improve the overall appearance of your hair.
  • Avoid using clarifying shampoos unless absolutely necessary. They are designed to strip the hair of build-up. As a result, it can also strip your hair of all that gorgeous color.
  • Think about the weather before you make a major change. If the sun outside is shining, this can affect the health and vibrancy of your hair color. Pick up a UV hair protectant, such as Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Finishing Spray and wear a hat in warm weather.

Is a new hair color in your future? Then keep it looking great by focusing on the health of your hair. Make sure you use the right products, use heat styling tools effectively, and schedule regular visits at the salon. With a little care and attention, your new hair color will look better than ever.

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