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Hair Health and Damage Control (Guest Blogger)

While hair loss is sometimes out of one’s control, such as in health-related cases like Alopecia and female pattern hair loss, there are many cases in which thinning or loss can be prevented. Remember that hair loss can be caused by bad lifestyle habits and poor nutrition. These are things that can be addressed by consuming lots of vegetables and fresh fruits, regular eating, exercise, vitamins and a good positive mindset.

Stress is a big factor in hair loss and can have a lasting impact. Finding solutions that help one deal with their own stress is vital, such as meditation, consulting with a loved one or taking a long walk to wind down.

Lucinda Ellery, Women’s Hair Restoration Specialist

Other steps incorporated into one’s daily routine can also make a big difference in hair health. For example, choosing a styling aid that offers UV protection, such as an SPF hair spray or leave-in conditioner, will protect hair from the sun’s damaging rays (Try Sebastian Halo Mist for protection and added shine). It’s also important to incorporate a deep penetration conditioner into your weekly hair care routine and protect your hair from heat with a thermal protectant (Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray both protects from heat damage and speeds up blow dry time).

Wash regularly but not too often – every few days should be enough depending on your hair type. If it’s thinner, don’t go too long without a wash as it can become oily, dull, boring and look thoroughly awful.

Lucinda Ellery, Women’s Hair Restoration Specialist

When it comes to styling, select good tools. They don’t have to cost a fortune but they should have basic features such as heat settings so you can customize to your hair type.

When possible, the key to hair health and maintenance is taking a proactive approach with a well-rounded lifestyle and being good to one’s hair and body.




Lucinda Ellery, Women’s Hair Restoration SpecialistAbout Lucinda Ellery, Women’s Hair Restoration Specialist

Lucinda Ellery is a renowned industry expert with over 30 years’ experience with extensions and women’s hair restoration, pioneering unique solutions for female hair loss and hair thinning. Having experienced it at first hand herself due to a childhood trauma at the age of 10, Lucinda understands the need for women to feel and look comfortable with their image and after observing current practice, so she set about developing techniques for female hair loss management and replacement. The three revolutionary techniques include: Medi Connections™ (targeted hair replacement to boost volume); Intralace system™, (mesh integrated into existing hair) and Intralace Freewear system™ (gauze platform with hair attached)

Lucinda is affectionately known in the celebrity arena as ‘The Queen of Glamorous Hair’ thanks to Lucinda Ellery extensions that have been applied to hair queens such as Barbara Windsor, Cheryl Cole, Katie Price, Peaches Geldof, Sarah Harding and Rachel Hunter. The extensions are made from premium quality Remy Cuticle hair which is 100% human with the hair and roots lined up in the correct direction for a more natural look. Lucinda and her 60 strong team of dedicated specialists between her London, Manchester and Beverly Hills studios are relentless in their appeal for extensions and hair loss management.

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